Style Watch Friday

 Gabriela Graessue and Angel Rueda
 Ashley Krier
Courtney Schweitzer

So Fridays are going to be my Style Watch and/or Favorite Finds day. This Friday is Style Watch where I take pictures of people off the street and write about why I love their outfits so much!
 If you are ever in the Woodlands you must go to Market Street Shopping Center. It is the best place to get inspiration for your wardrobe. Wether it be from the stores itself or just from the people on the street, it seriously gets your (or at least my) creative juices flowing. No lie, it is amazing how good people look to go shopping.
 Today was kind of a weird day however. I swear everyone on Market Street was either in their workout clothes or shorts and a t-shirt (an I mean like high school team t-shirt)  I don't know if it was due to the gorgeous weather, spring break or a mixture of both but everyone seemed to be slummin it today. Luckily I walked into one of my FAVORITE stores, Langford Market, and I found four gorgeous people, wearing some great stuff. Ashley and Courtney actually work at the store and to their credit they always look great, but then I saw these two gorgeous people out of the corner of my eye. Not only are they pretty to look at, they had  such great style. So let me start off by talking about Gabriela and Angels outfits'. 

Angel: WOW doesn't that purple look great on you! His dark hair and olive skin color is totally complimented by this cool color of purple. He paired his button up shirt with some lightly distressed jeans to give it that relaxed feeling and by adding a belt to match his shoes he pulled the outfit together nicely. Dressing good for guys can be very simple and Angel followed all the rules with this outfit.

Gabriela: I don't know how to make a whistle sound on the computer, but just know I tried. Her outfit is so simple and easy to pull off. She has a very straight figure so she belted a looser shirt to give herself an hourglass figure, and since she has such a little waist she pulled this look off perfectly. Her fun printed skirt and yellow shoes to match show off a little bit of her personality without being too over the top. I love it! I also think that her and Angle's outfits complement each other. They just look great!  

Ashley: I LOVE all the colors! I am crazy about color this spring and just like your floral prints a handkerchief print like this will allow you to get a lot of color in easily. Ashley is a petite girl so she pulls off this busy print nicely. She added some earrings to match and a great yellow clutch to bring it all together :).
Courtney: Her outfit is like the bohemian chic style you see just about everywhere and can I just say, she wears it well! I love this maxi dress. It again has great color combos (color blocking at it's best if you ask me) which would make your life simple when looking for accessories. She completes the look by layering long necklaces and bangles galore! I love it.    

Thank you to the four of you for allowing me to take your picture. I had fun!


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