Fashion Show Mayhem

 Outfits from White House Black Market

Outfits from Banana Republic 

Here is a sneak peek to the fashion show coming up on Thursday. (oh and just in case you were wondering, fittings did not take two hours. It took us NINE hours to fit the models! But we got it done.) 
The Woodlands Mall and Market Street Shopping Center are teaming up for a spring fashion show this year. Which this is kind of unheard of, two different marketing groups teaming up in an event. (Or maybe I just don't get out much?) Either way it's a big deal here in The Woodlands. I am excited to see all the stores working together to pull off an amazing fashion show. And look at how gorgeous these models are. They were so easy to fit and everything looked good on them. (It was slightly annoying.) It also helped that the stores had such great stuff in stock. WHBM's signature color is purple this season and some magenta/pink as well. They have some of the cutest things right now.
Banana Republic has some cute statement pieces, like colorful belts and amazing statement necklaces (which if you don't have a big statement necklace yet, get one! You can go over the top with it or make it casual by pairing it with a classy white dress and heels or jeans, a plain t-shirt and flats, respectively. I'll post more on the fashion show later this week so be watching! 


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