Hello Internet world! I know this has been done about 800 million billion times, this blog thing. I mean every where you look there is a blog about other people's awesomeness! But I think that's what makes this soooo cool. We are all AWESOME (please re-read the word awesome and sing it this time in an opera voice. I talk sing like Jessica Day but I've been doing it way longer so it's better.) I mean one person's awesomeness inspires another person to become something great also! Well that's what I'm hoping to achieve through this simplistic blog. But can I tell you folks something...... I love, LOVE with all my whole heart, fashion! If I see a cute outfit in the store, you can bet your sweet butt checks I'm gonna blog about it. Or if I see some one on the street and I'm kind of coveting their outfit, I'll blog about it. I also like to explain why certain outfits work, and why they don't work so much some times. But beyond the beauty and fashion aspect I want my blog to be about real people, real life and real crap that really happens, including being my real self. So before I start posting pictures of myself I want everyone to know- I know who I am. I'm a real person and I'm beautiful, but not because the media tells me I am. I'm beautiful because I'm me, and I'm ok with that.

Here is a little bit about me.

I am a fierce lover of fashion, I'm married to a guy that I'm convinced is the best person on this planet, I love to bake, I'm learning how to appreciate working out again. I am an Image Consultant in the Woodlands, Texas. I grew up in Kirtland, New Mexico and went to college in Rexburg, Idaho (both really small towns). I am the ditz of my family. Some nicknames they have for me include but are not limited to, ding-dong, ding-bat, goof ball, air head and Chachy-as in Grand Cha Hee from the movie All Dogs Go to Heaven. Really, I am just a super normal girl that loves fashion and clothing.


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