A Day in Old Town Spring

Old Pavilion 

 Antique shops galore! Most shops had a mix of old and new, but personally I love seeing all this victorian style antiques. So pretty!

 Some of the yummiest and hottest stuff you'll find.

 Mom and Dad. Aren't they so cute!

 Amish Barn Woodworking. 

 Woo,woo! Look at these studs. (Left to right Trey, Jake, Josh)

 Love this little weirdo 

 Caught off guard

This gorgeous man!

The hubs was able to take a half day off of work and we spent the day in Old Town Spring, looking through some of the coolest antique shops I've ever seen. The street is full of little country homes that house anything from victorian style spoons to an old bed from the Quing Dynasty (which was selling for $30,000!- Oh yeah let me just pull that out of my pocket real quick. NOT!)  The best part of this little town is everything is preserved in its original state in 1840 and the rail road runs right through this town. Imagine the little town in Fried Green Tomatoes and that is just what this looks like. To top it all off the weather was just perfect. We had a great day enjoying one another's company! I wish it never had to end. 


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  1. I love Old Town Spring. Glad you got to experience it with your family.