Color Faves!!

Ooooo........ Spring Colors!
Don't you just love when spring is in the air? I know I do! I love the warm sun shine, the birds chirping outside my window and all the trees and flowers in bloom. But what I love most about the change in seasons, are the new fashion trends. Here are some of the hottest colors for spring. The names may change but the colors will remain the same. 
For the most part all these colors will look great on everyone! However if you have green or yellow undertones in your skin stay away from the mossy "margarita" color. 
You might also be thinking that you can't wear the light pink, the yellow or the tangerine/coral color. Which you might be right. Depending on the hue of your hair and your skin tones you might want to stray away from the exact colors above, but no matter your hair or skin color, the vibrant pink, cobalt blue, light cackatoo and sunshine yellow will look great on you! So add some color to your wardrobe this spring!


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