Favorite Finds

All items found at Charming Charlie

So I debated this for about 20 minutes and decided I better post my Favorite Finds as well. While at Market Street I went to Charming Charlie, they have the best accessories. If you have never been you need to! It's an experience. 
Since it's the start to the spring season they have all their pastel colors in the front of the store, and everything was soooo pretty. I would love to pair that top blue, lace dress with the floral scarf above it. Ah so cute! In the second picture I love the layered necklaces with the light cotton shirt and blazer. I actually moved the purse they had on display with this mannequin just because this white and blue purse was so cute/pretty and it actually spoke to me. It said, "Please show me off, I'm beautiful!" so I did. ( I know I'm crazy, but it's true) Then lastly I love how they mixed the light purple with the light blue in their display box. Like I said creative juices...... 
It's only once in a while that I'll do two posts a day, but for today ya'll got lucky! :) Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love Charming Charlie's! I'm so glad you introduced me to it!