I kinda hate Thursdays

Dress: Target Jacket: TJ Maxx Necklace: Langford Market

Thursday-I kinda hate you. Daniel has a training every Thursday night right after work. He is there till 9pm and sense the training is an hour away he doesn't get back till 10pm. It's really sad, I don't like it. Luckily the training ends in a few weeks, but for now I have to find productive activities to keep me busy. But I sure do miss my honey when he is gone. Have I ever mentioned how amazingly awesome he is?! Well he really is. He supports me so much, through everything I do and if you know me, you know that I can do some pretty crazy stuff now and then. Once again my sweet honey took these pictures and luckily we were able to take them earlier. 
I neglected to write about my outfit in yesterdays post-I'll let that one pass but for today let me just tell you why I think something like this works for spring. I love floral prints. They are so lively and add color so effortlessly to your wardrobe. Florals will be your friend this spring. You can pair them easily with accessories and surprisingly florals go with anything. I chose a jean jacket to go over because it was still a little chilly out. But the jacket hits in just the right spot-not too low, not too high- so that I still have shape and don't look boxy. I added a necklace to bring out the blue color in the dress and ta-da you have a spring outfit. 



  1. YOU'RE A BABE!! these look awesome and i'm so excited you're a hotshot blogger now!!!!! we seriously miss you guys so much. if you move back to idaho daniel might not have training on thursdays!! eh? eh? something to think about...

  2. Ha ha ha thanks Brandilyn, you made me blush! We seriously miss you guys too, so much! We always think about you and your lil man.... oh he is just so sweet! Love your little family. Hey I would be completely fine with moving back. Although we really do love it here in texas but anything to get away from thursday night training!