Target Spread

All items from Target

Man, It feels like forever ago that I wrote on my blog. I have a lot to tell you about the past three weeks, but I'll save the bulk of it for another post. The important things that happened was my little brother Josh leaving for his mission to Soa Palo, Brazil and my brother-in-law getting married. I had a great time seeing family (which I consider my husbands family to be mine as well as his). I always feel so sad when I leave them. My honey and I got home just the other day, and this morning I woke up feeling so sad. I really do atribute that sad feeling to having a quiet home. I miss the chaos and laughter of little kids. I miss having someone in the other room to laugh with or share a bowl of cereal. Living so far away from family is hard. But I enjoy the time I get to spend with them. And I really had a great trip. I can't wait to show you all the pictures.

For my blog post today I wanted to do my favorite things from Target. Target is one of my very favorite stores. Not only can you find everything you need there, they also always have good deals and low prices. (I also feel like they have top quality items, so I know I'm getting a great deal.) But my favorite things right now are these items, and everything shown here is UNDER $30! Say what!!?? I love the colors and the retro-ish style of these clothing items. The yellow dress is darling if you ask me. The lining around the neck gives it great personality and yellow is such a happy color. I can't imagine having a bad day while wearing this dress. I would pair it with a cardigan (you could do cream or a lighter yellow for the monocrome look that you'll see all over this spring.) or my trusty jean jacket. Really I think you could wear this dress with anything, but thats where I would start. 
The next thing I found at Target was this black and white blazer. So cute! 
You could really dress this up and wear it over a dress, a blouse and slacks or wear it with a loose fitting color T and boyfriend jeans for a relaxed look. Add some pumps and wa-la! perfection! 

You know this bib necklace trend that you see in pretty much every store? RUN with it! Bib necklaces add so much detail to an outfit. If you do go this route then wear a simple earring or none at all. But can you just imagine wearing a simple white button up shirt with one of these necklaces? Wouldn't that be so stinking cute? I think so! 
One item that is definitely on my list "To Buy" is this retro, polka dot, one piece, swim suit. I usually don't look forward to swim suit season but I think it would be pretty hard to leave this beauty sitting in your closet for too long! This suit is perfect for someone like me that is curvy. The ruching on the side will help mask my "problem" areas And the bow will draw attention to my upper half, creating an allusion that I have more up there than I really do :) happy day! I highly recommend going to Target and checking out the other cute retro style suits. I guarantee you'll find one you love.
I have always been a hat person. Not that I think hats look all that great on me, but I just love them. I wish we still wore hats every were we went. And I'm talking about the huge over the top floppy hats. I really would like to go to a Kentucky Derby just once so I have a reason to wear an all-out hat. But for now I'll just have to settle for wearing one around the pool. This floppy hat would go great with my swim suit now I think about it. And no pool side attire is complete with out a great tote. I love the kelly green with navy blue combo. Then I would need to wear these cute cat eye sun glasses and I would have it made in the shade... literally!
The other great thing about Target is the Home Decor section. They always have such fantastic things. I need to start buying a little here and there so I can decorate my home. I love stripes I think that stripe throw needs to come live with me!

Sorry I wrote a book, but I haven't blogged in so long. I forgot how much I missed it! 



Just an Outfit

 Floral Blouse: TJ Maxx, Pants and Shoes: Target, Cardigan: Down East, Pearls: Borrowed
I am having such a hard time today writing my blog. Man they weren't kidding when they say writing everyday gets old. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, it's just hard to put it into words everyday... But either way I'm doing it and here it is.
My brother in law (my sister's husband) thinks "matching" means wearing the same colors. I told him that matching just means you're not clashing ie. colors, prints, styles etc.. You can have your own opinions but that's what I think.
My blouse has peach, lavender coral and grey in it and my pants are light blue. They match, even if they don't have a color in common. I love this outfit. It's romantic and a little trendy because of the mix and match colors. My pants have poke-a-dots and my shirt is floral, so also a mix and match print. I wanted to wear pearls to add to the romantic feel of the outfit and then drop earrings to keep it soft. The cardigan tops the outfit off balancing the mix print and color. And there you have it! My favorite by far. Thanks for reading! 
 I forgot to open my eyes... HA HA!




Pros and Cons


 Jeans and Shirt: Target, Necklace and Earrings: Charming Charlie, Purse: Langford Market, Shoes: My Sister's Closet
So... please don't think I am complaining, I'm really not and I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but here are some pros and cons I have found in loosing weight. I'm going to start with cons because I love saving the best for last.
Cons: When I get a cheat at the end of the week I automatically feel guilty. I have to constantly remind myself that one "bad" meal won't make me gain weight overnight.
I still want to loose a lot more so I get impatient and nervous that I won't be able to.
I hate feeling guilty when I skip a day of working out (sometimes there really just is not time.)
My bottoms are getting too big and I get really annoyed having to pull them up all day long, and I feel slumpy ( or like saggy bottom pants, not cute!)
I have to be very attentive to what I eat, how I prepare the food and portion control. Sometimes I want to just eat and not think about it. (My sister is helping me so much this week)
Lastly, its funny how little attention I got from strangers on the street. (Not that I am doing this for attention) What I mean is ,I was beautiful before and I am still beautiful, just because I lost some weight it doesn't make me any better of a person. I actually don't really like to be "checked out". It makes me feel so uncomfortable.
Pros: I feel fantastic, both physically and mentally. I feel like I can take on the world and  I can look in the mirror and be happy with my appearance.
My body is getting more defined and I really like to see my arms and legs build muscle.
Ok this was a con, but also very much a pro. I love that my pants are getting too big. It's a love hate relationship but I mostly love it. It's like a reward you can see.
I actually really love eating healthy. I thought it would be a lot more difficult than it really is.
Lastly I feel so happy, and for me that is enough "attention" I need.
If you would like to know more about how I lost weight, go ahead and ask. I would be more than happy to share the "diet" I did and transformed into a lifestyle.



Just Another Day in Paradise

 Pants: TJ Maxx, Shoes and Belt: Target, Shirt: Old Navy, Necklace and Earrings: Charming Charlie
Growing up in this place, I never thought it was particularly pretty. I remember spending our weekend in Durango, Colorado and loving the mountains, all the trees and the river running through the little town. But now that I am back in this place I can see the beauty of it. It's dusty, and under-established, the roads are falling apart and weeds grow wild. But all that, kind of add to the beauty. This place is wild, and unexpected. An hour drive and the terrain changes dramatically. It's almost as if this little town had a mind of it's own, wanting to be drastically different from its surroundings. Off in the distance is Shiprock. There is legend about this rock formation, that I'm not even going to try and recite but that is just one of the many attributes of "my home town" that I love. There is history here, both personally and on a larger scale. Oh, what stories these sands would tell if only they could talk.
So I just wanted to let you know, you'll be seeing a lot of the same stuff on my blog for the next couple of weeks, due to me only packing a carry on. Just stick with me here, I think this adds to the fun of getting dressed. It's like a challenge to see how many different outfits I can put together with the same articles of clothing.
I don't know if you can tell but my pants have micro mini poke-a-dots on them! I love poke-a-dots, they are soooo fun! And what more they are very "in" this spring/summer So live it up! One again I added a Chambray shirt (because you can never go wrong with chambray) which made it relaxed and easy going. I matched my shoes to my belt, which is a rule that will never go out of style (although you can mix and match if you really want to) Then (if you look really close you can see my earrings) I added light blue/turquoise earrings because I love that color with coral. And ta-dah! there you have it!  Thanks for reading!



A Grunge Kind of Day

Purse, Hat and Sweater: My sister's Closet (ha ha) Shoes, Shirt and Jeans: Target
Yesterday was a grunge kind of day and I loved it! I had fun running errands with my sister and the kiddos. I think the only reason it was fun was because we had each other to juggle the kids. Which the kids are pretty easy but having each other kept it simple. We had lunch at "Hot Chilies" (which my monkey boy calls Chilies) My nephew had track practice later in the day and the wind was going nuts. ( I forgot how windy it is here in good ol' N.M.) But luckily I was able to raid my sister's closet and get some necessary items to stay warm. We laughed so hard when trying to get pictures for the blog. The sun was blinding and the wind had me in tears the whole time. Finally we got a couple of decent shots and called it a day. I love being with family we have so much fun no matter what we are doing!
Ok now outfit time. I think that you can dress "gungy" and still be cute. However I do believe, with all my heart that p.j's are meant to be worn to bed ONLY. Please, please at least put pants on before you leave your house. ( and a bra, I should throw that in there!) but there are definitely days when you really just don't want to get dressed or be put together. And you know what that is just fine. I think we all need one of those every once in a while. Just remember you dress how you feel and if you want to feel confident, dress confidently. On a fat day (which we ALL have them) put on your favorite shirt (or favorite piece of clothing) and be confident that you are beautiful!  


Not as planned

This is probably the dumbest dog you will ever meet (f you were ever to meet him) but I just can't help to love him.

 This little man wanted to play blocks so much. He made a pretty sweet air plane.
 Early morning giggles

This little girl is so much fun! We laugh so hard at all her excitement when eating breakfast.
My travel plans were interrupted right away on Tuesday morning when we hit the dreaded and infamous Houston traffic. An 18 wheeler was stalled on the over pass only a few miles from the air port. Talk about so close yet so far away. Needless to say I missed my flight. I was in tears (I was so stressed and sad that  my plans were not going to go "as planned") Luckily the gentleman that helped me reschedule my flight plans was so nice and patient. I got my ticket and was expected to fly from Houston to Denver and catch my connecting flight to Durango 2 hours after I landed. My sister had planned on picking me up from Durango where we would travel yet another hour to her house. Well the first part went as planned. I landed in Denver safe and sound, although there were times I was afraid we might fall right out of the sky. (The turbulence was incredibly scary and landing was the least of fun I have ever had.) But Denver is where my plans went out the door. The storm in Denver increased and our plane was delayed in Omaha, NE. My flight would not leave Denver until 11pm, putting me in Durango at midnight and finally getting to my sisters at 1 a.m. I felt terrible about having my sister come get me at that hour with three little kids. I planned on just staying the night in Durango, but then my sister and I both had the thought to call someone we knew. I immediately thought of The Sherwoods (some of our family friends that have been a part of my life since I was born, or if not that long, pretty close) Mrs. Sherwood had work very early the next morning, so she made sure Mr. Sherwood and his brother would be there waiting for me. As I walked off the plane I saw two cowboys waiting patiently for the lost wanderer. Ha ha! I was so thankful to see them and for their willingness to come get me at such a late hour. I will forever be indebted to their kindness. Thank you again! I made it to my sister's safely and didn't have to stay in a city all by myself. I am grateful!

There will be a outfit up tomorrow stick around! 


Going Home

Shirt: Langford Market, Pants: TJ Maxx Shoes: Target Necklace: Langford

My post today has to be quick. So just a few things. Today is the day! I'm going home. I am going to miss my husband sooo much but thankfully he'll come see me soon. Also I wanted to just let you all know that I was victorious in fitting EVERYTHING into my carry on! I knew I could do it. Please be praying for me to arrive safely in N.M. and also for my honey whom I will miss dearly! Thanks for reading! Have a great day



Packing...Only One Suitcase

I am in the process of packing for my 3 week trip to the home land! I can't wait to be there and spend time with family. However the stress leading up to it has almost won me over. I plan on continuing with my blog posts over these next few weeks, so I want to pack articles of clothing that could work well with one another and to mix and match as much as possible. All while taking up as little room as possible in my tiny carry on bag. I know what you're thinking, just check a bag.... Well I actually still might but here are my reasons for not wanting to. First, checking a bag, when it's only myself, is pretty ridiculous. I shouldn't take up that much room. Although, it being me, it's pretty impossible to take minimal amount of clothing and be satisfied. Secondly, it costs more to check a bag, and I got a dang good deal on my air ticket so why, I ask, should I pay more when the rational thing to do is to simply carry on? Third I have a striking fear of the airport loosing my luggage. Yes, I know this happens on a daily basis, but I'd rather it not happen to me... EVER! (Although I am aware I may not be so lucky.) And lastly I just want to prove to myself that I can pack all the things I need and want into one little suitcase (I fully intend on using those air tight shrink baggie things to make sure I accomplish my large feat). So here are the items I intend on bringing with me, plus work out clothes which I didn't add due to lack of intrest. All of these items work well together and I think it is safe to say I won't go a day without having something fun to wear. For the most part these are pretty basic items, that will allow me to make many different combinations. Which I think is key in packing for a long trip. Also pack things that you KNOW will look good on you. The worst thing is packing something that you think will look cute, putting it on when you get there, and hating it and never wearing it! Another tip for packing; dont waste space. Fold your clothes neatly and make sure to pack the bigger items first and smaller last. The exception being shoes. I find that if I put them in last I can squeeze them in at the end. I hope this helps! It sure helped me. Thanks for reading!!!


27 Years of Amazing

Today is the love of my life's birthday! 27 years of amazingness and a better person than I could ever wish to be. I remember fondly, the first day I met this gorgeous man, his great blue eyes captivated me and I knew I wanted to be a part of his life. I didn't know, at that point, that we would have the relationship we do today, but I knew that I wanted to know him. I am so happy to have had him in my life these past 5.5 years and I look forward to the many, many years to come. Daniel is my main source of love, laughter and happiness. He gives me comfort, guidance and reassurance every day. I don't think he knows how much I need him in my life, but I do. He is so strong, faithful, loving to all those around him and a great friend. He is secretly, the funniest man I know (He doen't want people to know this, but as soon as you get to know him well, he'll let you see his funny side). I thank God every day for blessing my life in the form of a love so great. Happy birthday my lover boy! I love you dearly!!!


I Believe in Being Modest

Awesome Highlighter Pants: Kohls, Shirt: TJ Maxx, Shoes: Target, Earrings: Langford Market

I would like to preface my post by saying, in no way am I hoping this to come across as angry or in hopes of starting an argument. These are just my opinions, my beliefs and my values.

Yesterday I read a blog post on modesty by a woman whom I believe to be incredibly talented and enjoy seeing the outfits. Let me say that her post had some very valid and thought provoking points. She raised my awareness in certain topics and helped me see the other side of the coin from her perspective. I, in no way, think that she was hoping to be hurtful or hateful, but rather, like myself, express her opinions and raise awareness to how loosely we use the term "modesty". (I hope I am not putting words into her mouth) I would first like to bring to light a few of the points she hit on and then give my reasons and views on why I dress "modestly". Also how it plays a major role in my life. Please stick with me as this may go all over the place. 
On the blog post it was mentioned that one of the questions we first ask when we hear about a woman being raped is, "what was she wearing? " I have to say that this is nowhere near my first question. Rather I think where was she, what caused this terrible thing to happen and how can I prevent this from happening to me and those I love? The thought that what she was wearing, must have provoked the rapist into taking action is truly absurd. And I am hoping that whoever said this will retracted their previous statement. It is true that by saying this we animalize men everywhere, excuse the one at fault and place blame on the victim. Likewise psychiatrists have proved that there is something happening neurotically when one commits rape and/or murder. And this is not stimulated by the dress of the victim alone. Thank you Elizabeth for bringing this thought to light and exposing it for what it truly is. If you would like to read the original post go to delightfully tack.
Let me just touch on the term modest, and what I perceive modesty to mean. From my very early childhood I understood that as a young woman I should dress modestly. That meant sleeves on my blouses and dresses, wearing dresses and skirts that went to my knees and a non-revealing neckline. To me this has always been "easy" to follow. What I mean by easy is, the rule was easy to follow. It has never been easy to find clothes that met all of these requirements. Which meant I would have to layer with a cami or cardigan and sometimes both. But I understood that by being modest I held myself to a higher degree. That I was respecting my body and those around me by dressing in such a way. And I think this is where it gets confusing to some. The thought may be, "So if I don't dress like that, I'm not respectful to those around me and am desecrating my body?" Which I find to be completely untrue. However there is an extreme. Obviously if your hemline is playing peek-a-boo with your bottom and your breasts are falling out of your shirt, that, I feel, can truly be considered immodest. And is disrespectful to yourself. And even to those around you.
 Wheater this is the correct way of thinking or not, the way you dress says everything about you. Your first impression is formed by how you are dressed and your appearance.  That is why it is so important to dress professionally (or like you know what you're talking about) when going to a job interview. If you are wearing clothing that is leaving little to the imagination does that not tell your future employer that you are light hearted and carefree? (This is an extreme example mind you) Likewise if you dress like you respect yourself, you are demanding the respect of others without them even knowing. And I think that is what it comes down to. How you dress transcends into every asset of your life. If you are constantly having to tug at your hemline or neckline you give off the appearance of being uncomfortable, therefore making those around you uncomfortable. 
Now, like I said modestly for me modesty means sleeves, hemline to the knees and neckline covering the greatest part of your chest. But this may not be "modest" for everyone. Each person you talk to can define modesty differently. It varies from religion to religion and culture to culture. It's true that while I believe myself to be modest, the woman dressed in true Muslim garb may think me to be immodest. Likewise there are women I talk to daily that I believe to be "modest". They might wear a sleeveless dress or tank top or shorts or a dress or skirt that may come just above the knee. However I think it modest because they are dressed tastefully. They aren't showing their undergarments as they walk. They are put together and are confident in what they are wearing. I think that is truly what we must consider when thinking of "modesty". It may not be so cut and dry as we have thought it to be before. Rather to dress like we respect ourselves.
I would like to also address the fact that what is "modest" on one may not be so on another. For example I can wear a tank top that covers my small chest while my sister, who is very well endowed (G cup size naturally) can wear the exact tank and still show cleavage. (Thanks for letting me use you as an example sister) Her challenge in being "modest" has always superseded mine. She has to put more thought into what she wears and where to go shopping for clothing that she feels pretty in while still being modest. But by doing so she escapes stares and can help those around her accomplish eye contact (men and women alike.) for it is a natural thing for everyone to at least glance at cleavage without it meaning anything sexual.
On another point, I don't believe modesty should change from climate to climate. It becomes more challenging but remains the same. I lived in Idaho for 4 years, where the winters are long and very cold and now live in Texas where the it is hot and the average humidity is 80%. I had to change the way I thought when I got dressed for the day but that didn't it didn't change my standards. 
I do believe that modest- or being tasteful- is hottest. When we dress in this way we give ourselves an air or confidence, strength and respect. Which is a beautiful thing. The clothing we wear does not make us to be who we are. It only can highlight our greatest features. Our bodies are great and amazing things. They can overcome great illness, reproduce cells when damaged and create life. We are amazing, beautiful creatures that cannot be duplicated. Our bodies are our own, to treat with care and love. Our clothing should only help us highlight this wonderful fact.



Loving Target

Necklace: Charming Charlie, Everything Else: Target

Target is one of my very favorite stores. They are always on trend with their clothing, prices are low so you don't feel like you're breaking the bank and there is a little something for everyone (so my honey can come with and be entertained with electronics while I shop!) But let me refer back to the first. Clothing at Target is ALWAYS on trend. I love looking around for nothing other than ideas for a future look. Most of the clothing is more on the preppy side (lucky for me) but they have incorporated a few new lines that are more edgy and some that are more romantic. So whatever your style you can probably find it at Target. (I'm not getting paid to say this by the way. I just really love Target!)
Color is always huge, but especially for this spring. And the trend is mixing and matching your colors. None of these items really "match" (meaning the shirt, skirt and necklace obviously don't have a color in common) but they go together. The purple/blue and navy in the skirt is complemented with this blue/green shirt and then for drama I added a hot pink belt and necklace to match. To make sure my waist wasn't hidden in the oversized blouse I tucked it in but also rolled up the sleeves to that 3/4 length I told you about before. 
This color of shirt will look great on anyone. No matter your hair or skin color this is a great piece to have in your closet. I like to think of it as the new black (I know, I know. It's confusing because this is so not black) but this color works on everyone, it's slimming and brings a great attitude to any outfit. Besides all of this, it is a flat out great color! And color makes us happy so why not, right? 



Impromptu Date Night

Jacket: TJ Maxx, Cami: Target, Earrings: Charming Charlie, Maxi: Langford Market

I spotted this sweet ant hill after taking pictures for the blog. It was too cool to pass by. If you look close enough you can see a little ant on the brim. This just may be the 8th world wonder-how a tiny little ant can make such a home. I guess many hands make light work.

To make picture taking a little more exciting, The Hubs made it a date night. He caught me by surprise when telling me that we wouldn't be going home right away. Instead we took a trip, for the first time since being in The Woodlands, to the local library. (I bet you were thinking it was going to be something really exciting, hu? Well actually it was really fun!) My amazing husband loves books so much that he teased we would stay there till closing which was 9pm. I can't say that I love books as much as he does, however I have, for the first time ever, found a great appreciation for them. I used to think that if the book was good enough it would be made into a movie. But there is a whole different world within books. Your imagination is limitless, and that is the part I love. 
The Hubs and I set off to find a book that would satisfy our time. I was lucky enough to find Pride and Prejudice right as I walked up the stairs (Adult section was on the 2nd floor) and since I have been fascinated with novels of the19th century I decided I would read, for the first time, a Jane Austen novel. And what better way to start then with Pride and Prejudice? I have seen both the movies, and although Keira Knightly plays a great Elizabeth Bennet, I prefer the 3.5-hour movie that gives the whole relationship between Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennet. (I have to say, thank you mom for making me watch this movie with you on a long Saturday afternoon.) And as much as I love the movie, I am loving the book. Some days I wish I could live in that era. But then I think of the wonderful life I have now and the great people I have to share it with. Thanks again honey for the fun date night. 
Ok now on to the outfit. A couple weeks ago I was running around Market Street trying to get ready for a fashion show. The skirt I was wearing was blowing all over the place in the high wind and I was certain that everyone had had a good look at my undergarments. I ran into Langford Market and asked them if they had a skirt that would allow me to look nice for the fashion show but also run around while I still needed to. They supplied me with this lovely maxi skirt. I love it because it is not like your normal maxi. It is super long (covers my shoes even when I walk) and gorgeously flowy. I feel like I am walking on the beach when I wear this. And yesterday I felt like Elizabeth Bennet when I sat in an armchair reading my novel in a floor length skirt (which in her case would be a dress, but still). The material is not your usual jersey knit which allows for a lot of movement. I paired it with a simple tank and my jean jacket to balance the flowy-ness with some structure. And topped it all off with some chunky jewelry. 


Spring! And Easter Sunday Outfit

Shirt: Old Navy simular Skirt: TJ Maxx Bangles and Pumps: Target Necklace: Charming Charlie

After Church yesterday, we came home and took a much needed sunday nap. It was bright and sunny when we closed our eyes and when we woke up (mid day mind you) it looked like we slept till the middle of the night. A stormed rolled in while we slept and caught me completely by surprise. The lightning was just outside our door and when the thunder came, it shook our windows. There is something relaxing about a rain storm, but when thunder is involved I get very nervous. Luckily the storm was short and the clouds moved out quickly. As soon as it passed we were looking out at the sun once again.   Which meant picture time! (The Hubs wasn't very excited) But to both our delights the trees and bushes had little water droplets on them, and there was a dragon fly just floating around. It was just so pretty, we had to take pictures of them. That dragonfly almost blends into the leaf, he wasn't very big either, we almost missed him. Thankfully we caught a good picture of this little guy. Magical things happen after it rains. 
A lady at church told me that you can't go wrong with a chambray shirt. I agree! They seriously go with everything, even a bright pink skirt that has been sitting in my closet for a while now. No this is not a new find, I've had it for years.... (Just one of those things that I'm finally starting to fit into again! Yippy me!) Luckily for you, if you want a skirt like this you can find them anywhere. This color is so HOT this spring. Banana Republic has this one on sale now. And guess what.... it's modest. (skirts that actually go to your knees are not easy to find, I tell you what!) To make the shirt and skirt make sense, I added a supper cute necklace from Charming Charlie (I'm not kidding, if you ever need jewelry go here! This is the best place EVER!) Oh and just for laughs I popped my collar.... please don't ask me why. I'm not quite sure. Thanks so much for reading!