Always a Bright Side

Belt:Target, Bangles:Target, Dress: Walmart Jacket: Langford Market

So if you've been reading so far, and have become a regular (in the four days that I have posted, HA) you may have read my " A little problem" segment. For those that haven't let me just get you caught up to speed. I was diagnosed with PCOS in the middle of December (if you don't know what that is read my post on it here or just look it up). Upon finding out my little problem I have become very active in fixing it and learning all I can so that I don't have to struggle with it- hopefully. I also wanted to learn all about it so that I could inform and help those that are going through or may go through it in the future  because it SUCKS pretty major! I just don't want girls to go through what I went through, thinking and planning on having a baby and then finding out, not only you're not pregnante but you will not be able to get pregnante without A LOT of work. Seriously if you have any concerns about having it I highly suggest you talking to your OBGYN so when you are ready to have a baby there are no surprises. (obviously I'm only talking to the girls right now-sorry guys) So after finding out, I decided I would take matters into my own hands and be active about eating healthy and working out daily. (I have committed myself to working out EVERYDAY.) And even though it is really tough to know that even after all this hard work and refraining from foods I really love I still may not be able to get pregnante, I was able to see the bright side today. I went to the store to get some stuff and decided to try on some clothes. I was pleasantly surprised when my usual size was swallowing me. I went down a size and found that it too was a little too big. Needless to say I was grinning from ear to ear (to tell you the truth i'm ginning now as I write this.) It made me so happy to go back and get not one, but  TWO sizes smaller than I was in December. I have put a lot of work into it but I couldn't be happier. I know this may sound crazy to some, but I truly believe that there are good things that come out of even the worst situations! (which I am so grateful I don't have something worse) If you are someone struggling with PCOS just know your bright side will come soon enough. Thanks for all the support up to this point! I hope you keep reading. 



  1. I have a friend with PCOS. She and her hubby tried lots of things (for about 5 years) but something (which might sound hokey) finally worked for them! She started seeing a foot zoner once a month, and shortly afterward they were able to get pregnant. They JUST passed their 25 week mark of pregnancy, and she sees the zoner once a month. Sounds weird, but hey, you never know.

  2. Seriously! Well I truly am up for trying anything. It makes me so happy to hear when people have struggled with it and then are successful getting pregnant. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to find a foot zoner.

  3. I have PCOS as well. My fiancée and I are not at a point where we are ready to have children yet (mostly on his part hehehe). But the thought of not being able to get pregnant or having a very difficult time getting pregnant scares the you know what out of me. I wish you luck and I applaud your willingness to share your story.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that mymandajo. It seems like the women in the relationships want babies before the guys ha ha. I hope that you find a good doctor when the time is right and that everything goes smoothly! Thank you for reading and for your support. Best wishes to you as well!