Lumber Jack

Sometimes it's fun to dress up like a lumber jack especially when you have an amazing lip color to tie it all together! Over Thanksgiving I found a gorgeous (simuler) color by Lancome in the mix of my moms pretty make up (I guess you never grow out of playing in mommy's make up). My sister ended up "forgetting" she had it in her purse (ha ha love you sis!) so I went out in search of my own. But I decided to take a look at Target and see if they had anything like it. I found this color by Maybelline called Caviare Couture and I love it. Instead of a lipstick its a lip gloss, it's super creamy and comes in a pretty case. I love lip colors especially bold ones like this. I think just like your make up, lip color just helps tie in the whole outfit. If you are looking for a fun winter lip color I highly suggest this one! 


Holiday Gifting- On A Budget

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So, if your like me shopping for Christmas presents is nothing short of a task. Especially when you are shopping on a budget. I want to get the cutest, most fun items but I also don't want to break the bank. So instead of going to department stores I looked online at three of my favorite online boutiques; Brickyard Buffalo, GroopDealz and Jane. These three sites always have the cutest clothing, fun toys and up to date home decor plus way more. All three sites highlight other boutiques and sell their stuff at discounted prices. Its amazing! I look at all three sites at least once a day just to make sure I didn't miss out on any deals. So of course for gifting on a budget I looked there first. everything you see (excluding the garment bag and hand painted wood dolls-more on that in a bit) is $15 and UNDER. Like I said pretty dang amazing.
Ok let me just say these wooden peg dolls are so stinking cute! They are hand painted and you have an option of these action figures or any Disney princess your little one desires. Just please head on over to Brickyard Buffalo to check them out. I promise you won't be disappointed.
Also, a friend of mine started a shop making headbands, hats and leggings for little ones. She also makes headbands for adults and they are all so adorable. Super great price and she is always coming up with new designs. Check her shop out at Notes and Knots
The last thing I wanted to share is, while you are christmas shopping- whatever it be for- make sure to check sales and discounts the store has going on. I like to stop by Chippmunk.com to check out the best deals. They post the best discounts and then allow you to search discounts on things you are shopping for. You just say what you want to shop for, i.e; clothing, furniture toys... fill in your price range and then it will pull up all the discounts out there. It's a pretty nifty tool and I love it!
Just as a little reminder, through all your gift shopping, that this season is not about whats under the tree, but who is there sharing the memories with you. And ultimately to celebrate the birth of Christ and all He has done for us. I love the Christmas season, not for the presents but for the reminder that He lived and still lives for us. Merry Christmas all!


Cyber Monday Steals

Ivanka Trump Jacket, Salvatore Ferragamo Heel, Echo Beanie, Kendra Scott Earring, Vince Camuto Boot, Nic + Zoe Dress, Mimi Chica legging, Louise et Cie Bootie, Vince Camuto Bag

So if you're like me, Black Friday is a huge, overwhelming, nightmare. I want to get the great deals, but the idea of big crowds and being shoved around is not my idea of fun. So.... I wait till Cyber Monday. This my friends is the day to do your shopping. In the comfort of your own home you can save on all your gifts and miss all the fuss. I love looking at Nordstrom's Cyber Monday deals because they have THE BEST! nuff said, the best, deals! And is there a better way to get winter must haves then on a super sale? I think not!


Christmas Crafts!

 I love the country chic Christmas decor. It is literally my favorite. Like walking into Pottery Barn during Christmas time. I think that with these pretty signs, some sparkle and burlap I'm half way to a Pottery Barn Christmas. Ha ha if only...... 
 I wrapped a wooden frame with this gold flecked burlap and stenciled (with a pack I found at Target for $1!) Celebrate with black permanent marker. This Nativity frame I've had as well as the red and clear diamonds. The pinecones/holly/garland sticks I found at Walmart.

This awesome burlap frame I found at JoAnnes and the pretty gold/glass trees at Hobby Lobby. 

Because I wanted this space to be full (and because I had 8 canvas frames-Still so excited about that!) I decided to do two songs and two canvas with something else. I traced the snowflakes out using the wooden ones I found at JoAnnes and then filled them in using black acrylic paint from Walmart.
I used a stencil and red acrylic for the last canvas. It got a little smudged, but I still like it!

 For my reindeer canvas I just found a reindeer silhouette online and printed it off. I Mod-podged it to the canvas and covered it with black sparkles. which I then noticed wasn't the best idea because black sparkles got all over the canvas. So I decided to put silver sparkles in the back ground. And I have to say I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

How it was done
I found a pack of 8 slim white canvas at JoAnne Fabric store for $20 and I was pretty excited. I was hoping to frame my Christmas Song printable but when I found these I decided for now they will just have to be mod-podged ha.




Molasses Cookies

So the first time I saw these cookies on Oh Sweet Basil Blog my mouth instantly started watering. I can say that the finished product did not disappoint. I made a few changes here and there but I am sure that my rendition is just as good. If you want the original recipe click here (also I must say that I know my pictures did not turn out very good, or good at all. If you want to see pretty pictures of yummy Food go to Oh Sweet Basil!)

1 package Betty Crocker Molasses Cookie Mix
1 egg
1 stick (1/2 cup) butter
1 TBSP water
mix and scoop and bake at 375 for 10 minutes
place pumpkin marshmallows on top and place back in the oven for 2 minutes
smooth marshmallow

Cream Cheese Frosting
1 (8oz) package cream cheese -softened
1 stick (1/2 cup) butter -softened
1 tsp. vanilla
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
mix the cheese butter together till combined add vanilla and 1/2 cup powdered sugar. Keep adding sugar in 1/2 cups till mixture is smooth.

I likes making the frosting before hand so that I could put it on top of the cookies while they were still hot. I like when the frosting is melty!



One Look Two Ways

Sweater: TJ Maxx, Booties: TJ Maxx, Pearls: Forever 21

Jean Jacket: TJ Maxx, Scarf: Target, Shoes: TJ Maxx (Chinese Laundry), Bracelet and Earrings: Target

Core Outfit: Lace Shirt: Forever 21, Pants: Old Navy (RockStar Skinnys)

I sooo love this deep Oxblood Red color this season. And I love when it is paired with soft feminine touches like this lace shirt. Because I love this look so much, I wanted to show you two different ways to accomplish it. The first, a cozy yet stylish, girls night look and the second a comfortable, every-day look. 
I love the contrast of super feminine with the cozy sweater of the first. To me is subtle yet elegant and then the rough and tough vibe you get from a jean jacket mixed with the soft sweetness of the lace shirt, makes a perfect contrast as well. 
A friend of mine had mentioned that she was thankful for finding great deals at the mall, and I would have to agree that is a great feeling. But that is the exact reason I love going to TJ Maxx and Marshall's because you get that great feeling every time you shop. You look at the original price to see that the sweater was $80 and then look at the TJ/Marshall's price and see that it's a whopping 20 bones and all the sudden life seems fantastic! 
Yes, life is good when you shop and get great deals. And even better when you can stay up with the greatest fashions. Can I just say I found these Chinese Laundry shoes at TJ's on sale and aren't they just amazing! I love them a little too much.... Aw well me and my shoes will live happily together!


A Great Chill!

This is what happens when we try to take picturs when it's already dark out. I can't stay still and the pictures come out fuzzy.

                 Scarf & Earrings: Target, Leather Jacket: Marshall's, Shirt: TJ Maxx, Boots: H&M

Yesterday was the first great and true fall chill. We actually got down to 35 degrees, which I don't think has happened since we lived here. It was great but man my morning run was sure a hard one. I feel like such a baby when it comes to the cold now. I've been pampered by this warm (hot really) Texas weather that the 30's seem too cold. Which I know that's freezing, but I lived in Idaho for 4 years. I should be able to handel cold weather. Either way the cool weather meant I was finally able to wear my leather jacket without breaking a sweat during the day. I love this jacket because the sleeves have a ribbing sweater material and you can actually bend your elbows when you wear it ha. Oh and I just have to give Target a little shout out, these earrings..... My word they are pretty and fairly priced! Thank you target! 


A Bright Fall

So apparently when I think of bright colors for Fall my mind immediately turns to hues of pink, that and the simple fact that the color pink is very prominante in my closet. Fall is such a gorgeous time of year. The cool brisk weather, the Earth beginning to change and rest for a season and the leaves turning color as a last salute to Summer. So why is it that as soon as the weather turns we (and when I say we what I really mean is department stores and consumers as a whole) decide that black, brown and grey are the seasons uniform. Don't get me wrong I love wearing neutral colors as much as the next person, but vibrant colors are so much more exciting, and fun. Not to mention happy, and isn't this the happiest time of year? So here is my challenge, when you find your self reaching for any neutral colors make a point to also grab a fun color. Layer, mix and match prints and colors and just have fun with it!


Fall Favorite

Sweater and Jeans: T.J. Maxx, Plaid Shirt: Marshalls, Necklace: Forever 21, Booties: Target

One of my super favorite styles this fall are the mega layers. You know when you have a button-up shirt, sweater and a scarf, jacket or vest on top? I love it. Top that off with some blingy jewelry and bam, you're set.  Plaid shirts are a fun way to add more personality to your layers. Incorporate colors from the plaid design in other ares of your outfit, like your top layers or with your accessories. But no matter what you do, make it your own and have fun!


Fall Wish List

Drape Sweater: Asos, Leather Skirt: ASTR(via Nordstrom), Necklace, Lace Shirt and Geo Skirt: J.Crew Factory, Black Dress and Embellished Sweater: Dorothy Perkins, Gold Tweed Sweater: Anthropology, Heels and Booties: GoJane 

I know this list is lengthy, but how can I help it when there is so many cute things are out there! Actually I had to shorten the list by only a ton! But here it is, some of my Fall Items I am absolutely dying over. I would have included the shoes the model in the leather skirt is wearing, although I could not find them anywhere. If anyone knows where to find them LET ME KNOW! They are absolutely gorgeous! They are totally the style for fall, a little mid-century but strong and modern at the same time. I love them!
Something to remember as you head into your fall and winter wardrobe is to bling it up! Metallics are hot, if that be on your shoes (like these awesome pumps and booties from GoJane) or in your sweaters (like the drape sweater from Asos and the Tweed Jacket from Anthro) it does not matter, just remember "bling it up"! This can also be done with your accessories and embellished clothing like this Dorothy Perking Sweater. I first found this sweater on Penny Pincher Fashion Blog. The last thing is to add texture like leather and lace. Also the allusion of texture like this Geometric Skirt from J.Crew Factory, I LOVE!


Get to The Maxx!!

Shirt: TJ Maxx, Pants and Earrings: Target Shoes: Steve Madden (via TJ Maxx) Necklace: Francesca's 

I just want to share a little shopping 101 with you right quick. For me this tip is so basic (and for some of you as well) but before you go to any major department store or high end clothing store, go to a T.J Maxx or Marshalls. I am always pleased to the extreme that they have the latest styles and fashions and that they are at a discounted price. SO window shop at other stores then go to TJ or Marshalls first and see if they have a similar item. If not they have something else for your closet! Happy shopping!