2 Honks!

 Earrings, Bangles, Belt, Cami and Shoes: Target Dress Macy's 2010(sorry)

My brilliant husband had the idea to take pictures amidst the gorgeous wildflowers. The only problem was, wildflowers grow WILD, and for the most part are only on the sides of the road. (The city won't cut the grass this time of year so the general population can enjoy these beauties.) Needless to say we took pictures in a heavily populated traffic area for all to watch! I got a lot of stares, some laughs but I also got TWO honks. Im convinced, however, that they mistook me for someone they knew and tried to get the attention of a friend. Either way for a brief moment I felt pretty after being laughed at by many more. (Leave it to the Kirtland girl inside of me to take honking as a compliment. HA!) 
Ok sorry for wearing something not of this year, but I love this dress and eyelet is everywhere this spring so I know you will be able to find it if you want. I actually wore this dress when I went to the temple to marry my wonderful husband, and haven't worn it since! It's a really pretty dress on it's own but I was feeling a little country and wanted to add shape so I belted it at my smallest part. I wore the turquoise earrings again because I obsessed and to add color, and then added these cute peep toe/mary jane shoes to go with the sweetness of the dress. The wild flowers are a perfect touch for that sweet country girl feel, don't ya think?
Thank you so much for your support! You're the best!

Oh, here is just a quick laugh because I believe not everything in life is as it seems. My honey asked me to pick a flower and I couldn't do it elegantly, this was the result. 


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  1. I looove the wildflowers, I'm so glad you took these gorgeous pictures in them! haha i bet those people who honked were NOT mistaken, they just noticed a total babe.