At Mesa Falls
 Ice Skates in Rexburg Idaho
 Grandma Harriet's 80th Birthday
 Engagement Picture 
 Married for Time and All Eternity
And they lived Happily Ever After

My sweet husband, Daniel and I met four years ago- September 8, 2008. He was the first guy I met up at BYU-Idaho. The first guy I dated, and the only man I married. Here is how our story goes.
I went up to school a week early so I could move in, get my books, get settled and learn how to navigate the great city of Rexburg. (which if you have ever been, it's not hard to do, but I was a small town girl and to me Rexburg was the "Great City"). A couple days after I get settled in, one of the 5 room-mates I would have that semester, moved in. She was a very like-able person. She was high energy, bubbly and had a lot to say. She introduced herself as Amanda Robles- The Half Mexican (which I am half mexican too so we hit it off right away!). I was still trying to get everything in my room set up ( the nice thing about where I lived was our own personal rooms!) and Amanda would bust in and ask, "What are you up to? Do you want to go hang out with me and my friends?" I would usually say, "No I have a lot to do before school starts." But for some reason when she asked if I wanted to go four wheeling at the dunes, 45 minutes away I said, "YES!" Every time Amanda asked me to go with her there were boys envolved, and I didn't know these boys taking us four wheeling but for some reason I just decided I would go with her this time. (even though I am a small town girl, I had never been four wheeling especially on sand dunes-so I didn't go for my love of x-treem sports.) Well Daniel and his friend Paul (which was Amanda's friend- And who met my friend Markie on that same dune trip and are now married with a baby girl) came to pick us girls up at my apartment. When I saw Daniel I just thought he was the cutest guy! His eyes drew me in right away. He has the most GORGEOUS, bright, blue eyes I have ever seen. I got all nervous and worried about playing it cool so he'll want to hang out with me. Then all these thoughts of " Oh he is too good looking to hang out with me." and "He probably has a couple girls chasing after him" (which he did) stopped me from talking to him right away. I ditched the original plan of playing it cool and went straight to playing hard to get. My plan was hindered when I got paired up to ride on the back of Daniel's four wheeler ( I had no CLUE how to drive one). Well Daniel was being all cool,going as fast as possible and doing crazy cool tricks. I thought here is my chance-tell him that this is not impressive, play hard to get! So I leaned in when we started to go slower and said, "You are the biggest show off I have ever met!" He took that as "this girl hates me." Which was not true. I was just trying to play the game. Needless to say my plan didn't work out too great. Well after four wheeling us girls wanted to watch a movie and invite the boys over. Paul and Markie were really hitting it off at this point. So we told them we wanted to wash up and to come over in a couple hours. The movie night idea did not go over well either. I was so worried about saying something dumb or ditzy that I just kept getting up and going back to my room (I think to make Daniel think I was too cool.) So dunes and movie night did not real him in. So what....... I'll tell you what- A good friend and Bear Lake.

Paul and Markie clicked right away. They started spending most their time together. Going on dates, cooking dinner, and doing homework. One night Paul invited me to come do homework with them. I was on the other side of town and didn't have my car, but Paul said that wasn't a problem he'd be there in 10 minutes to get me. Ten minutes passed and who walked through the door? Daniel. Paul had told Daniel to come pick me up so we could all do homework together. I was so shocked and nervous but mostly excited. I decided this time just to be myself and for what ever reason it worked. Daniel and I started to talk and had a lot of fun together. I learned that he was super smart- he was going to school to be a mechanical engineer- He was really funny and had a lot going for him. From there we really hit it off. He would invite me to watch movies at his house(He is from Rexburg, Idaho) and then one week-end Daniel and Paul wanted to take us girls to the lake. Daniel's family has a lake house out on Bear Lake. At the last minute I decided I would go and there Daniel and I shared our first kiss. It was fantastic! From then on we were always together. I really fell for him fast but it took him a little longer to finally say those three little words. But when he did I knew he really meant it. We ended up dating for two years and then on August 7, 2010 we were sealed for time and all eternity in the Idaho Falls, Idaho Temple. We have been married now for two years and are still going strong. I completely and absolutely love this wonderful man of mine. I couldn't ask for a better partner in life. I got so extremely lucky when I decided to step out of my comfort zone, try something new and in the end I met the person that matters most to me- my husband forever!