Small Preview!

 Both Outfits- Head to toe Banana Republic

 White House Black Market
Left to right: BCBG Maxazria, White House Black Martket

BCBG Maxazria


 Final Showing

Don't these girls look ravishing? I am so proud of all these models and how the night went. It was seriously the smoothest fashion show I have EVER done. Still, I'm very happy it's over. All of these models were styled by the Impressions team (Cari Benson, Stacy Harris and I). The top three pictures are outfits you could wear every day, (a little on the dressy side but if you feel like strutting your stuff, why not?) or for work. The last two would be semi-formal to full out ball gown/prom look. Doesn't the last model look like Kate Hudson in How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days? We had so much fun last night; it'll be a fashion show to remember!
My favorite part of the night was the body artist. InterFaith (the charity hosting the event) hired a body artist to draw outfits on two separate models. Which was very out there for The Woodlands, but the crowd ended up loving it. 
Dress from Cache

Here is our model (Impressions model we dressed). All these poor girls had on were nude shorty, shorts and a little bra and they stood out here ALL NIGHT, for all to see! I think it's safe to say they are very comfortable with their bodies. It turned out so good don't you think?! 
As a stylist and while doing a fashion show, we depend greatly on team work, organization and cooperation from all those on the team and the models. Thank you to all those that helped!

Here is the Impressions Team
 From left to right:
Elena, Cari Benson, Stacy Harris, Leah and yours truly. 


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  1. Hooray! So glad it was a success! :) (And that is over for you!) Great job!! And yes, beautiful models!