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DressHeels, Jacket (old, from Dillards) similar here and hereNecklace

One of my most favorite things in the whole world, is a great sale. This dress is on sale at Kohl's for $14! It is my favorite dress. I love the mix print. When I saw it in the store I knew it needed to come home with me. And then when I saw the price I just knew it was fate. Don't you just love when that happens!?? I love the rope belt around the waist, it kinda give this silky dress a much more relaxed feel. (Totally nerdy side note: It reminds me of when Ariel first gets legs and Sebastian and Skuttel  dress her in some cloth and a rope.... and for that reason I love this dress that much more. Nerdy, I know.)
Ok, let me just talk about these seriously GORGEOUS shoes. I'm still loving the perforated, laced up heels. I think they will still be hot through fall, so go get you some. These beauties are from Sole Society and I just love them with this dress!
And of course Moto Jackets are still super fly for fall. To make it more trendy look for Moto Jackets in  a material other than leather, (although those will still be hot as well.) that is a bright color, or has some interesting detailing/stitch work on it. Check out my Instagram to see my top picks for Moto Jackets this fall
Hope y'all have a great weekend and happy shopping.

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Skirt (JC Penny on sale- in stores only) Hat T-Shirt Shoes (from Target) similar here

I'm sorry to say that this skirt is no longer online. It is on sale in stores only. Which I hope you go to JC Penny and look around anyway. They have a lot of cute fall trends for way less. That is one place I will no longer overlook while shopping for fall "must haves". 
In other news I think I will be living in all things leopard this fall. How much is too much? Because I may be toeing the line pretty soon ha ha. 
Anyways I hope y'all had a fantastic start to your week. It's Tuesday, only 3 more days till the weekend!


Smile On

Shirt: Forever 21 (old) similar here and here, Skirt: Express, Shoes: Zara, Sunglasses: Nordstrom
Braid tutorial found on @daily_braid  

Don't let the smile fool you, I have been ridiculously sick the past two and a half weeks. For those that don't know I have a slight (staying hopeful) infertility problem. You can read more about it here. My husband and I made the decision to start medicine. It was actually a bigger decision that you would think. Of course we want babies and we are ready for them but I think my biggest fear in taking medicine was/is that it won't work. That I'll just be sick and moody and gain nothing from it. But you never know until you try, so over two weeks ago I started Metformin. It makes me pretty sick, like nothing sounds good and it feels better not to eat or even think about eating type of sick.
Luckily the food lover that is deep inside me forces me to eat anyways. I am also very lucky that it doesn't make me more sick, or other types of sick. It hasn't effected my hormones, so I count myself lucky once again.
I am actually very hopeful that it'll work. After three years of trying, I feel like there is light at the end of this tunnel. One thing that I have learned is, no matter what you are going through, whatever the trial, there is always hope. Maybe not in the way you would expect, but there is. God knows you so completely and wants you to be happy. I know that to be true. 

The Big 5.0.

So if y'all are as lucky as me you have a daddy that is the most amazing dad in the entire world! Today is his 50th birthday. I honestly can not express what I would do with out that man. He is the person I go to for great advice. He taught me how to work hard, fight for what is right and never give up on you. I learned to love the outdoors, how to follow along with sports, and to just live by watching his example. I always felt a little more safe when daddy was home. And although all my friends (and the boys) were afraid of him, he was (and still is) the biggest teddy bear you will ever meet. He doesn't take any smack from anyone but he loves so deeply and protects those he loves. He has the best sense of humor and his voice is like silk. I learned to love singing because of him. Happy 50th birthday! I've been so blessed to call you Daddy.

 Dad and I shortly after I was born

 Dad, my sister and I

He was my first love and my all time hero.

What man is great without a great woman? My Handsome dad with my beautiful mom.

 I got to go to work with him one day and that has been my all time favorite memory with him. I remember he let me work on the trucks with his mechanic and it was so much fun!
I had such a great day that day, I remember writing this on the back of the picture when I got home.

 He has always lived life to the fullest. I love his sense of adventure and wanderlust.

 My mom and dad went on a service trip to Guatemala, which is just one way they are constantly giving service. The little boy in the picture above drew this picture with him. I have never met anyone that is so well like everywhere they go as my dad is. He is such a people person and knows how to put a smile on anyones face.
 The biggest teddy bear you'll ever meet. I have only seen my dad cry 4 times in my life, but he has the most tender heart around.

Happy birthday Dad, i love you so much!


Burlap Bubble Wreath

This past week I got together with my super cute friend, Karina Powell from Mr. and Mrs. Powell, to make fall wreaths. I had such a great time chatting and catching up with her. And to top it off we made some pretty dang cute wreaths.

I found this tutorial on Pintrest, but the steps were a little vague so we fiddled around for a bit and figured out how to make a Burlap Bubble Wreath. I have to say, I'm very impressed with our crafting skills.

Here's what we did:

Step 1:  Get your supplies.
Burlap, wire ring, flowers, pumpkins, whatever else your little heart desires!
We found ours at JoAnns.

Step 2: Tie a knot to the 2nd inner wire.

Step 3: On the next wire in make a loop with the tail of your burlap.

Step 4: Take the tail of your burlap and loop in through the loop you just made.

Step 5:  Keep doing that about a million times all around your wire wreath.

            Tip: Make your loops on a different wire each time.

Step 6: To finish off your wreath tie another knot at the end.

Step 7: Adjust your loops so there are no bald spots.

Step 8: Add any flowers or fall embellishment you’d like using hot glue gun.

            Disclaimer: Sometimes the loops will not want to cooperate; you’ll just have to coax them to do what you want.  J

Happy crafting ladies!!

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Fall Coats

 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 

It's not cool enough for a coat yet where I live, but I couldn't resist looking for fun fall/winter coats. Three things that I noticed while looking for outer wear was; fun prints, bright colors and interesting shapes. I also love when any piece of clothing has a little bit of interest added to it. Like a trench coat with a hood or embellishment in the buttons/belt. My favorite is this cobalt blue beauty! Can't wait for cold weather!



Anniversary: Summer Part 4

I got home from my summer adventures just in time to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. Sometimes it feels like we've been married a lot longer than we have and other times it feels like it was just yesterday. I've known him for 6 years (I feel old some days.) but these past 4 years have been the best years of my life. I fall more in love with my husband every day. He knows how to make me laugh harder than I have ever laughed, he makes me feel safe and loves me for just who I am. I couldn't ask for more. Thanks for these past years babe. Looking forward to eternity to go!

For our anniversary we decided to keep it low key because we have a few trips we are trying to save up for. So we went to dinner and hit up a few places we really love. (mostly neighborhoods we dream about living in some day) 

Before dinner I wanted to surprise the Hubs with a fun game. I got a couple nerf guns and hid from him. When he got home we had a full on nerf gun war. It was so much fun, but I totally underestimated his nerf gun abilities. I should have known that growing up with three younger brothers he would be out for the kill. Needless to say he won but we had so much fun.

Photo Cred: Joslyn McNair