Little Acts of Kindness

Shirt: Forever 21 Skirt: TJ Maxx Necklace and Shoes: Target Purse and Ring: Langford Market

Not to toot my own horn, but I always try to be as kind to people as possible. I am in public a lot for my job and I am always rushing, rushing, rushing, but when I notice someone close behind me I am mindful to hold the door open for them. Or say a kind hello or just smile. I don't think acts of kindness have to be huge. It's usually the small ones that mean the most. For example the other day I went to the grocery store and as I was putting my items into my car an older gentleman came and stood right beside my shopping cart. It scared me at first, and I really had no idea what to do. I finally got all my groceries out of the cart as he waited their patiently (meanwhile imagine me rushing and clutching on to my purse). I looked up at him and gave a timid smile. He smiled back and said can I take your cart back for you? At that moment I realized he was on his way to take his cart back as well. I then remembered seeing him grocery shopping the same time I was. I relaxed and gave him a huge smile and allowed him to take my cart. I remember smiling for the rest of the evening. That was so simple yet so kind and what more, it reminded me to be kind as I drove home in the hectic Houston traffic. A friend of mine had the same experience happen to her just the other day. I smiled again remembering this man's little act of kindness to me. I think if I'm ever having a bad day just remembering that will bring a smile to my face. So I'm issuing a challenge today for all that are reading and to myself as well. Try to do at least one little act of kindness today, and tell me about them in the comments. Or if you notice someone else showing you (or those around you) kindness. I'm looking forward to hearing theses.
Okay on to more vain things. This skirt is the one I told you about last week that I had to go down two sizes, you remember? I love it mostly because it's flowy and makes me feel so pretty when I walk. If you want to wear a skirt like this and have bigger hips like me (not straight hips...maybe I should do a body shape segment someday), make sure the band hits you at the smallest part of your waist and that the silhouette of the skirt is a straight A-line not a full. (of course the label won't say that, I might be making up the term, but when you hold it up does it look like the material is coming straight off the band or is it more full?) Navy this season is like your neutral colors so think of it as if you were wearing black or white (tan, brown, grey ect.) So to add "color" I chose this adorable clutch/purse. I will post pictures of this bag later. It is seriously so cute. I mixed in a cobalt blue necklace and a coral ring. You will see cobalt blue and turquoise a lot this season or blues and orange/coral colors mixed together. I wanted to be more cutesy with the outfit so I topped it off with a 3/4 length, lace shirt and nude pumps. I originally had a belt on but I was not working out. 
I hope you are enjoying these posts and that they help even just a little. Thank you for reading!



  1. Love the skirt. I have a question. Do you have to go nude on the legs for summer or is there an alternative? I hate my legs showing. Tanja

    1. Hey Sorry I'm just now seeing your question! I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean.... Like with out hose? If so NO. The old rules of no white before labor day or not panty hose in summer or if your a red head don't wear red etc.... are out the door. If you don't like showing your legs then definitely wear hose. There is also this awesome stuff by Sally Hansen. it's a spray on tan called liquid hose. I've never used it but every one I talk to that has swears by it. I think I may do that instead of tan. hope this helps!

  2. Love it! I need to take you with me when I go shopping! I can never find anything and I love your style....it matches my taste. I just can't seem to put it together hahaha!

  3. So cute you are such a sweetheart, I love this combo!