On Safari!

 Shirt: Langford Market, Skirt: Down East (simular-BR), Booties: Target, Bag: Langford Market, Pearls gifted

In the spring, Banana Republic had a "Safari" line in their stores. To be honest a lot of people didn't care for it that much, but I really liked it. I fell in love with this fern print, full skirt. They had it paired with a light wash Chambray shirt and a big chunky necklace, and I just thought it was the cutest! Well my budget wouldn't allow me to purchase this little beauty, not to mention it runs a little shorter than I personally like. So a few months later and with the realization that I have a simular print skirt, I decided to recreate this safari look. The booties/Chambray shirt combo really dress the skirt down so it was a fun day outfit. I wanted to add a little feminine touch so I layered my pearl necklaces and added some long ombre earrings-From Target. By the way, they were on clearance. And there you have it my take and BR's Safari look!


All White.....

Shirt: Forever 21(simular) , Pants: Old Navy, Earrings: Charming Charlie, Shoes: TJ Maxx (simular from H&M)

I hope all of you had a wonderful memorial day! My sweet husband and I had a great weekend. Isn't great that we have the opportunity to celebrate all those that made our freedom possible? I'm so grateful to all those that came before me, who mad sacrifices due to their bravery, and because of their strength and courage I can live free. I love this country!

I'm sure that you have heard the "Don't wear white before Memorial Day" rule. Well that has been thrown out the window due to the "All White" trend going around this spring/summer. But if wearing all over white isn't your thing, don't worry. Start off small because white, in general, is a great summery look this season. Here are some tips for wearing white:
First: When shopping for white jeans, don't let yourself worry if you have to go up a size. Actually for women built like me (more junk in the trunk, and hips and thighs....) you have to go in the store knowing to go up a size. Here is why; white jeans show EVERYTHING so if you have even the smallest problem spot, and you buy your pants too tight, they will tell on you with a vengeance. So spare yourself the embarrassment and just go up a size. Besides you are the only one who will know the actual size of your pants. I recommend the Sweet Heart fit from Old Navy for girls like me. They hit higher on the waist which will help hold everything in as well as giving shape to the correct areas (i.e. your rooty, tooty booty! and no love handles) If you are straighter through the hip I would try the flirt or rock star jeans Old Navy provides. (Although rock star's fit is definitely going to have you go up a size.)
Second: When shopping for white keep in mind the fabrics for the season. You wouldn't want to wear white cords in summer or white linen in fall. But if you switch the two you're suddenly on trend and can pull off white before Memorial Day.
Third: Make it simple. You can wear a white dress, skirt or top and simply have the white trend down pat!
Fourth: Keep accessories in mind. Wear a white cardigan, or purse or shoes etc... If all over white is not your thing.
And Fifth: Keep some kind of laundry pen on hand! I have to admit; I walked around all day-worried sick I was going to get grease on my perfectly crisp white pants. For some reason, stains on white are more embarrassing then on anything else (so I think).
Bonus: Add simple accessories for the pop of color. I chose to be super simple and only add a colorful earring, but this would be cute with a color shoe, or scarf or bag!



Oh Accessories!

Shirt: Langford Market, Bermuda Shorts: Old Navy, Earrings: Old Navy,  Long Necklace: Target, Short Necklace: TJ Maxx, Sunglasses: Forever 21

Have you been into Old Navy lately? If you haven't, you need to head on over ASAP. They have started carrying jewelry again. (I say again because I'm almost 100% sure they did at one point or another.) Their jewelry selection is soo cute. But for whatever reason they don't have it up on the website, so go to Old Navy and take a gander! I love these two-tone, blue earrings I found. They look almost antique-ish (like jewels you would see on a broche) combine that with the girly style and I was sold! Plus they complement by AWESOME cat eye sunnies. I think I was subconsciously feeling the 50's style! Accessories really add a lot to an outfit. I am always telling anyone who will listen, that taccessories make or break your outfit. An ordinary dress (or whatever it may be) suddenly becomes something interesting if you add a little sparkle. You can do this by accessorizing with jewelry, belts and scarves or bags and shoes. Just think how cute your every day outfits can become when you play it up with accessories!



Trends I LOVE Right Now

trends I love right now

Orange dress

Lucky Brand evening top

ASOS leather sandals
$27 - asos.com

Topshop plastic sunglasses

Here are some trends I am in LOVE with at the moment. (P.s. how cool is this! ^ I just created this on Polyvore, came to my blogger account, and ta-dah! here it was all linked up and everything!)

Here are my 6 Fave Trends:
1. I am loving these geometrical, multi-colored dresses. They are so funky and fun as well. They have a lot going on, so yourwouldn't have to add much, accessory wise. But if you wanted to go all out, then by all means, add that chunky necklace! Be chunky and funky!
2. I see this punched leather trend all over the place. I've seen it on shoes and purses and I love both! I really like that it adds texture to your outfit, and if you didn't know that is a good thing!
3. Peasant, embroidered shirts are SO CUTE! They make getting dressed for the day easy. Just wear it with some jeans, a pair of cute sandals and earrings and you're set!
4. Statement sandals. Ok, for the days that you don't want to even think about getting dressed, just go for the statement sandal. Everyone will be so focused on them that they will forget that you left the house in your p.j's (ha ha ok please don't do that but you get my point?)
5. Cat eye sunnies are so retro and super sexy. They will spice up any outfit and give you that "I've got a secret" look. I can't wait to wear mine!
6. Statement Necklace. Pretty much anything "statement" will allow you to get away with jeans and a plain white T (I didn't mean to make a reference to the band, ha!)



The Hat

Hat: Charming Charlie, Jean Jacket: TJ Maxx, Necklaces: Target, Dress (High-Low), Purse and Belt: Langford Market

So, my husband seriously HATES this hat! Every time I try to wear it, he reminds me of his deep hatred for it. Not in so many words, but I know him well enough to know what he means to say. Ha ha! But I think it's fun and since this is my "fashion" blog, what I say, goes! Although, I really do love his input (sometimes...). The hat plus the jean jacket is very Indiana Jones, but like I said, I still really like it. 
Ok, if you haven't heard, layering (yes even for the summer) is a huge hit! But it's hot, (I'm sure you're thinking, "Yeah, it's summer, duh!") so when you layer think cool thoughts. Wear flowy items (like this dress) with heavier apparel (if that's what you're going for) to help stay cool. Another way to layer is to add length to your skirts or dresses by putting something longer underneath. And lastly, layer your jewelry! I promise you, it will add so much personality to your outfit if you just add another necklace, or bracelet etc...
Ok let me just take a second to talk about this high-low dress. This dress is so much fun! The low part goes down sooo low. It made me feel so pretty as I walked. Like a model on the cat walk. I. LOVED. IT! It's also loose fitting so you can wear it and just be comfy, or belt it to add shape. The more I look at it, the more I like it loose and comfy. 
Because I was all gray tones with this outfit, I added this amazingly cute purse from Langford Market to add color. I love that there are two handle options and it has so many pockets to hide all my stuff. (mostly from myself, but still it works). 
Thanks for continually reading! I've almost hit 5,000 views and I am so grateful!

We always run into the most awesome creatures when we take pictures. This cat was just laying in the grass enjoying the scenery.



Pretty in Print

Blouse: Wallis, Skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Earrings: Kate Spade via Bloomingdales, Belt: Gap, Shoes: Anthro, Hat:BCBG

I am loving mixed prints, but one of my favorites is stripes and florals! It can be cute and preppy. Or you can make it more rigid and fierce.  For outfits like this you just have to go BOLD but as a guideline, use like colors. Your floral prints will have a lot of color so play off of those colors and then add to it. The shoes and hat play off the blues in the blouse, but then, just to spice it up, I added this neon orange belt (neon is HOT) and colorful earrings. So fun!



Anchor Shirt (simular) and Micro Polka Dot Pants(simular): TJ Maxx, Necklace: Forever 21(simular), Shoes: Target

This little anchor shirt is SO cute! And anchors are everywhere this summer. You'll find them on shoes, pants, jewelry, even towels. Go get something with anchors, I promise you won't regret it!
 I wore this outfit this weekend (I know, I know, it's not really the OOTD but still, it works.) and I had so many people stop and ask if I got this top from J. Crew. I was so thrilled that my TJ Maxx find (for $15, mind you) was passing off as a J.Crew item. Yay! for saving money and accomplishing "the look".

Ok, I know I have said this before, but treat the color navy like you would any other neutral color ( tan, black or white) this summer. Navy can go with ANY (and I do mean any) color. Coral with navy is my particular favorite. To me it feels so fresh while still being fun! This rope necklace added to the feel of the outfit and helped tie in the coral pants. And then, just because I wanted to, I added my orangey/coral earrings, to keep it fun!


Something in The Walls

White Shirt: Old Navy, Vintage Black Blouse: Langford Market, Pants: TJ Maxx, Purse: Langford Market

Soooo, the other day I came home from work and had to pee (Sorry TMI, but I'm trying to set the scene. That probably just made it worse.) Anyways as I am doing the potty dance, trying to get my pants off, I hear some kind of movement in my walls, and then all the sudden it sounds like something is going to fly out of my bathroom toilet. I stop what I'm doing and try to figure out what is going on. All sorts of thoughts go through my mind: the neighbors are getting something fixed, Maintenance is cleaning out the apartment above us, or possibly the toilet has been possessed. But as I listen more carefully I hear little birds chirping, and then the rustling in the walls suddenly becomes the sound of wings flapping. "THERE ARE BIRDS LIVING IN MY WALLS!" (I still have not gone to the restroom at this point.) was the overwhelming thought that came to mind. How did they get there? But more importantly how can I get them out. The Hubs came home shortly after I made this discovery (well I shouldn't say discovery, more like assumption) But as I called him in to listen, everything was silent. The things in my walls were not there. (ok now at this point I had finally gone pee) So I got to thinking maybe it really was maintenance and the chirping was coming from the birds outside (I swear they are trying to repopulate the world right now) But then I heard them again today as I was getting ready. There are definitely birds living in my walls...... I don't know what to do?!! And I don't know if they come and go or if they are stuck? Which that makes me sad to think, I hope they have a way in and out, but it might be better if they just stay out.

Ok really quick about the outfit. I LOVE this shirt I found at Langford Market. It vintage inspired and had the cutest collar in the back. I wanted to show off all the design so I put this white button up shirt underneath. To me, the outfit came out looking preppy and vintage, and I love it! 


Feeling Ready

Top: LuLu Bella (simular),  Pants: Kohl's, Necklace: TJ Maxx (simular), Clutch: TJ Maxx (simular), Blazer: Target

Wells Fargo has a commercial out that is very insightful. (When did banks get so smart?) The last line to the commercial is "When people talk, great things happen." And I so agree. These past two days I have talked to people that have inspired me, encouraged me and informed me to things I didn't know were possible. I feel so uplifted, so happy and so ALIVE (I don't know how else to explain it.) I hope you all are having a great day as well!

I have been wanting coordinate this outfit for a while now. Isn't this so FUN! I love these highlighter pants (although I do feel like I would glow in the dark) they are pretty bright but I think they add a lot of personality to an outfit. I love stripes with all my heart, and navy stripes with colored pants are so fresh this summer! Love it. I wanted to make sure the outfit stayed colorful so I added my purple, bubble necklace (which coordinates with the pants perfectly) and topped it all off with my chambray,  oxford blazer. There you have it!


I'm Awkward..... And I love it!

Shoes: Target, Pants: Gap, Necklace: Forever 21, Shirt: TJ Maxx

Truth be told, I am super awkward. Always have been, always will be. But if I'm being completely honest, I kind of like it. My awkward personality keeps me (and my family, especially my husband) on my (their) toes. Well, there are some parts of it that are just straight up embarrassing, but I think when I finally excepted the fact that I am not the glamorous being I so desire to be, I found that it was really humorous. Who cares if I start cracking up (to myself) in the middle of the grocery isle because of something stupid I did yesterday, so what if I walk around ALL DAY with my zipper down. And it's really ok that sometimes I laugh so hard that snot comes out my nose (ha ha ok that really is flat out embarrassing).  These are all things that make the day go by faster. And tomorrow as I am grocery shopping I'll crack myself up all over again while innocent shoppers pass by looking at me as if I've lost my mind. Yes lady, I do realize I'm alone and no one said anything funny! Ha ha 

On to the outfit: Sometimes you can mix glamourous items with slouchy clothing pieces and it works exceptionally well. For me, I like the "Sexy Boyfriend" jeans from gap with a oversized collard shirt. Just add some girly accessories and pumps and there you have it!



Date Night

Jacket: TJ Maxx, Shoes, Belt and Necklace: Target, Dress: Old Navy

Sadly, date night starts off, every time, by taking pictures. It's not a super exciting thing to do but we do it none the less. However we did continue the date by going to Barns and Nobel, where we indulged in our favorite magazines. The Hubs had the most resent car magazine as I flipped through a few fashion articles. I wish we could have captured the moment on camera, but neither of us wanted to draw that much attention to ourselves. (I think this is where a smart phone would come in handy. Sometimes I feel like we are stuck in the nineties) After we got our fill of whats hot in cars and fashion, we walked around the mall (I totally felt like I was back in high school) got some ice cream and watched a movie. We felt like being a little crazy so we stayed up till eleven..... ha ha yep, thats how cool we are! But it was a fun night and I don't mind being that boring couple as long as I get to be with My honey. I hope you are having a great week end too!

isn't he so handsom! I love when he makes this face. It's his "I'm not taking any more pictures" face! Love HIM!



Yay! Another Look Book!

I just got done putting together another look book! This time for my sweet sister. I am so excited for her to see all the things I put together. I think the items I pulled match her personality and style exactly. I hope you are as excited as I am Sissy! 
The one thing that is frustrating is that I don't have a design program (like Indesign) so putting these "look books" together can get really irritating. The clothing items shift and move if you just look at them funny. So every time I think I finally have an outfit almost finished, I move the last little item and everything goes bezurk (sp???) The other thing is when looking at the outfits you kind of have to use your imagination. The outfits I paired the navy blazer with obviously won't have the shirt and pants the model is wearing. It would be nice if all the stores included a picture of just the clothing item..... Either way I got it done and like I said I am super excited about it! My sister has a really cute polka dot chambray shirt and a cream blouse that she could wear with the three loner skirts. When wearing her chambray and maxi skirt I think it would be super cute for her to knot the shirt in the middle/front and then wear a long gold necklace with it. I only put a few outfits together to give her an idea of what I had in mind, but with these articles of clothing, and the things she has in her closet already, the outfit possibilities are endless! (sorry to sell you out sis but, she really doen't have much in her closet now. She needs a good shopping trip). 
Just so you can get the full effect, the outfits are put together by first; jacket, pants or dress to shirt and then accessories. Oh and there is a white T that I know blends into the back ground. But if you are looking and thinking something is missing, just look a little harder. It's there, I promise! :) 
Despite the hard work, I love putting look books together. So if you are thinking it's time for a new wardrobe, (or just a few new things) let me know. I'd love to help you out!


Slightly Monochrom

Target: Skirt, Shirt and Necklaces Gap Outlet: Belt, TJ Maxx: Shoes

Man! If My Honey wasn't so amazing at making me look good, I probably wouldn't ask him to take my pictures so often..... Nah, I like having his undivided attention! But seriously, this blog would not exist if I didn't have such a wonderful man to help me out! Love you Babes!
So I guess it's now safe to say that, I have an addiction to Target. But isn't this outfit so cute! I love it. This is a super simple way to mix patterns this spring/summer. Just wear a lace or eyelet blouse with print bottoms (or visa-versa) and you have your mix and match pattern trend down pat. Wearing eyelet or lace will also accomplish the texture trend for the spring/summer. This outfit is also  a play on the monochrom trend. Not really due to the fact that my skirt is not one solid color, but it's kind of monochrom..... At least in my mind. I hope you are having a fab Thursday. It's almost Friday, and that means I get The Hubs all to my self! Thank you weekend!




I don't know about you guys, but I am getting ready for summer! It is just around the corner and I want to be prepared! This is just a little sneak peak to some REALLY cute things I have planned for the blog. I can't wait to show you guys!!! :s One outfit I am still skeptical about..... I'll have to try it on again to decide if I really like or if it will sit in my closet and only see the light of day once. I know a few things I could wear it with but with the temperature rising I might not follow through with my plans. We'll see what happens.
Something I do while shopping for anything is think of what I already have in my closet. If I can't think of at least two outfits I could wear with thing specific article of clothing, then I won't buy it. The reason being; It gives me more options and keeps getting dressed for the day FUN! It also helps so that I won't get bored of wearing the same shirt, with the same pants and shoes. I know this happens to more people than me right.... I'll put together an outfit together, that I love, and I'll get complemented on it, so I'll wear the same thing ALL THE TIME! It's my go to, easy outfit. But pretty soon I get tired of it and think it's not good to wear any more. But an easy fix to thing "dilemma” is (like I said) thinking of at least one other outfit you could compile with this article of clothing. It's kind of like getting a whole new outfit, because it's fresh and different. Plus you save your self some of the headache, because you already know it's going to look great on you!
Ok sorry a change of subject, but how cute are these beach towels form TJ Maxx?! We’ve been needing some because I don't like taking our bath towels out to the pool. The Hubs doesn't really like to go swimming, but I thought if he had an awesome Lobster towel he might change his mind.... Ha ha I doubt it. But it's worth a try. Anyways I hope this little tip helps you for your next shopping trip! I know it helps me.