Ho-Hum Everyday Hustle

Going through everyday life seems so glamorous when others do it. For me it's a constant up-hill climb, battles with my inner voice and a learned skill of laughing at myself constantly. But you know what helps me get through it all? And by "it" I mean the mundane, everyday, bla bla bla. There are three things, the first being, finding things to smile or laugh about (counting your blessings in a sense). Recalling old memories, sometimes really good, sometimes really embarrassing but always worth reminiscing over. Second, Taking time for myself and then sharing personal time with my husband. And lastly, great friends. Since moving to Texas, we have had the hard adjustment of not having family close by. However, we've been blessed to have such great friends, people I consider family in a way, that have made our lives a lot of fun.
"Oh, feeling so blessed!"

On another note I have a question for ya'll. If I, should start (now, this is all hypothetical of course) If I should start a vlog (youtube channel) on lifestyle, fashion and beauty, would you take the time to watch? Think about it, mull it over and get back to me.

For now I'll just be over here counting my blessings and filling my days with laughter!


My Outlook on "Health"

Let me start off by first apologizing, I have a lot of thoughts rolling through my mind as I'm writing today. And second, by saying I am slightly freaking out by posting these photos. Mostly because once I hit "publish" these pictures will forever be out in the world and this part of my life is not something I can say I'm particularly proud of or even that I like excepting this piece of me. But I'm doing it in the hopes of overcoming my fear, and helping those that are reading. I really hope this post makes sense and doesn't come off as "oh, boo hoo!" because that is not the point at all.

Ok, I wanted to do a little Health post because health is a HUGE part of my life (hence the photos and I'll get to those soon). But I'm not a dietitian and it's not my true passion. But I have a great friend, Karina Powell, who LOVES fitness and has tons of great tips, and my sister is writing on her blog on her journey to losing weight and getting fit as well, which I love. Both of these blogs are helpful and motivating. Go check them out!

But, yes, health is a big part of my life. (I could only find a few pictures of me when I was younger) When I was in grade school-mid school I was FAT! There really is no way around it. I weigh 130 in grade school and a whopping 150 in mid school! But I wasn't like a couch potato. I ran with my mom and I was always involved in some type of sport, that is just how I was built I suppose. My family would always say, "It's baby weight you'll lose it soon enough." Although, my thought was always, "man baby weight sure likes to stick around." I really had a great family support and they loved me just the way I was.

But on the social/school side of things, life wasn't so easy. Some of the boys would call me chunk, some called me miss piggy- because I wore a baby pink shirt to school one day :( yes, I know, sad. In mid school I even had teachers tell me I was fat. Yes, grown men, that probably should not be teaching at all, would inform me that I was chunky.

So you can imagine this little ego getting ripped apart and I started thinking, "Man, I really am fat" (which, I know I admitted to earlier but come on should anyone ever feel that way? I think not.)
I knew my family loved me, and luckily I had a few great friends (and when I say great, I really mean fabulous, beyond belief grateful for, amazingly wonderful, friends) but I had this thought that if I wanted to be worth while or special to anyone then I would have to be skinny. That was the only way people would truly enjoy me as a person.

So, yes, most of it was "baby weight" and when I hit high school I started to thin out a bit. But I was still a lot "bigger" than my close friends (now I'm speaking from the prospective of a teenage girl, whom, as a whole, always compares themselves to others. Is that safe to say, that teenage girls compare themselves to others? I think so. Or maybe I just don't have any other view on it. And i don't think we ever really grown out of it.) Either way, I decided to take matters into my own hands, if I wanted to be skinny, worth while or important, I would do something about it. But of course young minded me, I wanted results right then. So I lost the weight, but I didn't do it correctly. Luckily my sister was always watching out for me and caught my bad habits before I could hurt myself or make myself really sick.

So the purpose of this "story" ,if you will, is to say, I've been there. I'm the chubby girl that has, and always will, struggle with her weight. I've done the un-healthy eating (or not eating) I've looked at myself in the mirror at 30 lbs lighter, bones sticking out everywhere and wishing I could still be skinnier. But thats NOT HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!

I can't stress that enough! It's not healthy and it makes me so angry that I did that to myself. That I allowed myself to think that because I wasn't a certain weight or size that I wasn't worth while. That I listened to all the mean things people had to say instead of leaning on the great, uplifting words my family and friends told me all the time.

It's crazy that even still, ten years later (i'm going off from the time that I started being unhealthy) this little voice inside me says, "just a few more pounds, just a little more skinny". But I can honestly say that all of this has helped me grow and see myself as a beautiful person just the way I am. 

I'm not a size 2, nor do I think I ever will be. I just don't think that is where my body is comfortable. But I'm a size "me" and for now I'm happy with that.

I do believe that your body has a weight that it wants to be, where isn't comfortable and healthy. Where you can eat a cookie and not feel like your going to pass out (sugar high) or eat a cookie without working out right after or just going without enjoying the dang cookie. 

I'm hoping that by sharing this I've inspired others to be healthy. Skinny isn't always healthy. Being a certain size doesn't make you more beautiful. Being YOU make you beautiful. my heart goes out to those that have had (or are having) these same feelings and struggles. But please, please know that you are so worth while and important and BEAUTIFUL because you are you and this body you have, if it's a size lean or a size fabulous, it's the only one you get! So love it! And love you for who you are.  

My journey to a healthy body weight has been a really long one! And I feel like I still have a bit to go. I have a goal to be a healthy size 6 (Darn your Christmas and Thanksgiving!) But last year I was an unhealthy size 12! (notice how I said unhealthy? Size 12 can be healthy but for me it wasn't) since then I have lost 20 lbs and two pant sizes (size 8). I work out because it makes me happy and I feel better about myself through out the day. I eat healthy so that I can feel my body grow strong and also so I can enjoy my "cheats". 

The last thought I have is whatever you choose to do in your life, make sure the first reason your doing it is for YOU.

Here are some recipes that I really really enjoy

Chicken soup:
2 boxes organic Chick broth
1 lb cooked chicken breast
2 carrots
1 bell pepper
1/2 onion
1 jalapeno
sautee veggies add salt and pepper to taste
cut up chicken and add. Season with paprika and garlic
add broth. Cook and serve

Speg. Squash Speg.
1 speg squash
1 lb ground italian sausage
2 cans garlic and herb tomato sauce.

Cocoanut Milk Whipped cream and strawberries 
Whipped cream recipe here 
10 strawberries cut into 4ths 
agave nectar for sweetness
melted dark chocolate chips 


 7th grade

 end of 7th Grade 

 bottom, second from right

 Third from left

far right

And Now



New Year, New Beginnings and a Brighter Outlook

So... I've spent so much time trying to avoid the "New Year, New You" everyone seems to be going through. Thinking that some how I'm sooooooo above the resolution making and empty promise keeping. But, then I realized that this resolution making is actually liberating. It's freeing in a lot of ways, (of which I am sure most of you have already come to the realization of), It's, at least I think it should be, a promise you make to yourself. "I'm going to be a better person, I'm going to let go of all my little thinks that hold me back and keep me from being the person I want to become." In a lot of ways this resolution making process is like giving away your sins. Giving them to God. Kind of like the repentance process. Letting go of all the "yuck" and promising to be better in the New Fresh Year, where you can be a New Fresh You!

So I did I made my resolutions. I wrote them down and even explained how I would accomplish them. (which is the path to getting things done- write down your goals, don't just think "oh, well I've got them in my head so it's fine." NO! write them down, explain what they mean to you and how you'll achieve it. Or, at least the first step to success.)

But then I got to thinking about my blog, and how it really hasn't become as successful as I want it to be, and maybe I should just let it go, don't beat a dead horse kind of thing. I thought, "I've fallen and it's ok, just bow out gracefully". But then I read a great talk by a great man. If you haven't read (or re-read) President Uchtdof's Oct. 2013 Priesthood Session talk you need to! It's all about starting over and allowing yourself to fall and have the courage to get back up again. (here is the link to his talk, You Can do It NOW!)

So I re-read my goals for the blog and I realized I wasn't really following the outline that I had set in place. Yes, I want this to be a fashion blog. But mostly I want this to be a real life blog and a feel good blog. A place where people (women especially) can go to feel empowered. I wanted to make this blog a place where girls, like me, could read and feel beautiful because of who they are and not because the media told them so. When I say girls like me I mean girls that grew up feeling like beauty was only obtainable if you looked a certain way or wore a certain size. Which I think is most everyone now-a-day with all the media we have out there the message of real beauty is getting muddled and I want to make even the smallest dent in clearing that message up.

So if you want to feel good, learn about fashion, laugh at all my nonsensical quirks then please Keep Reading!!!!

"Our destiny is not determined by the number of times we stumble, but by the number of times we rise up, dust ourselves off, and move forward" -President Uchtdorf