LulaRoe Giveaway

This #lularoe #ameliadress c/o @lularoekellyhesselgesser is PERFECT for fall. I love the deep purple color and the subtle sheen it has to it.

LulaRoe is a super cute boutique that is all about comfortable modest fashion. From their eclectic print leggings to the basic t-shirt dress, they are sure to have exactly what you are looking for this fall. (and all year round for that matter.) Prints and colors change regularly so be sure to stay up to date with Kelly to get what you want for the season.

I have teamed up with her to do a $30.00 giveaway to her shop!
To enter:
1. You must follow her IG account @lularoekellyhesselgesser
2. Join her FB “Lula Kelly Hesselgesser Sale Page” where she posts her inventory Wednesdays at NOON cst! Link in her IG profile!

3. Follow my IG account @mrs_chelprice
4. Tag three friends. (On IG)
Seems like a lot of steps, but its totally worth it!Winner will be announced on both IG accounts as well as her FB page Friday 11/13 at 1pm cst! So stay tuned!


My Daniel

This is my Daniel. He enjoys tinkering with anything mechanical and all things that go fast. He loves to fly his airplane and I love to watch him. He really makes me smile. It's so much fun to watch him play with his plane like a little boy. His eyes light up and he laughs so hard. It's really cute. I love the moments we get to share together just he and I. And oh, how I love this silly, handsome man of mine.


Fall Activities

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Being away from the mountains is hard for me, especially in the fall. I feel like most of my fall activities revolved around being outside or in the mountains as I grew up. Living in Texas I have had to find new fall traditions to get me into the festive mood. Recently, I learned about  EventBrite and their 24 Hour Fall Guide project, which is sharing fun fall events happening in my area. Eventbrite is a self-service ticketing platform that can help you put an event together with their event management software

1. Texian Market Days Open Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm. This is a "Texas Live History Event" that I am drooling over. It is all about living in the Texas History. They have weekend events, yummy food and local vendors. Sounds like my kind of event. "Texian Market Days is a living link to the sights, smells and activities of more than 150 years of Texas history. "  

2. Texas Renaissance Fair Runs from October 10-November 29, 9am-8pm. Okay, we have been to this event and it was a great experience. It is totally like going back in time. Every weekend is a themed event and pretty much everyone dresses up. When we went the theme was Barbarian and people took it seriously. So many great costumes. There is everything from jousting, festival feasting and live performances to vendors, games pony rides. If you get a chance this fall GO TO THIS EVENT!!

3. Old Town Spring This is not a fall only event. It is open year round but in the fall it really is just pure perfection. It is a quaint historical pocket that is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Houston, Texas. This mile wide block is lined with fun shops and great restaurants. When there is not an event this little historic town still spills over with energy and excitement. It's great for a day date, family outing or date night. Take the time to check it out.

4. Hocus Pocus Pops: Every Year the Houston Symphony plays a fun and spooky Halloween special. The public is invited to wear their Halloween costumes. It is a great outing for families of all sizes. My husband and I like to go just for the fun of it.  



Olive Green

Elizabeth of Lovely Things // Kenzie of Kenz Kaye // Christina of The Stylings of CMM

Paige of Hometown Heels // Jensyn of Stripes in Bloom // Lauren of Urban Ombre // Chelsea of Sweet Sunlight Style

Another great week of #bloggersFALLfor . I have loved teaming up with these gorgeous and talented ladies. This week we are bringing you one of fall's biggest trends, olive green and suede #FALLingforolivegreen. Olive green is a fun and very neutral color that can go with any print. You can spice it up with color or keep it soft and neutral. Either way have fun with it this fall. Make sure to check out the other bloggers post to see how they styled this weeks look. Also be sure to stay in tune with my Insta page for much more fall fashion and inspiration.



Bloggers FALL for...

Christina of The Stylings of CMM // Katelyn of Corporate Glitter // Jensyn of Stripes in Bloom

Kenzie of Kenz Kaye // Paige of Hometown Heels // Chelsea of Sweet Sunlight Style // Lauren of Urban Ombre 

I've teamed up with these lovely lady bloggers to bring you #bloggersFALLfor . This week it's all about flare jeans and fringe. I did this outfit post a while back but you can look at the other bloggers styles by clicking on their links ^. For outfit details click here.




You wanna know whats awesome? This is awesome, taking one staple piece of clothing and coming up with multiple outfits. Recently I raided my friend Elizabeth's closet and we came up with these three super fun outfits using a must have stripe 3/4 sleeve shirt. 
We want to help you get the most out of your closet. If you want to know how to amp up your style or freshen up your closet let Elizabeth and I know, we want to help.
Also, stick around for a Fall Must Have post coming your way this week. 

Here are a few other fun ways to wear a stripe shirt this fall.

Flare Jeans-Chunky brown belt 
Denim button up skirt
White out - Paired with Off white cords and boots


Flares and Fringe

I have teamed up with my adorable friend to bring you fall trends two ways. I met Elizabeth a few years ago when I first moved into the area. Confession: I actually saw her at church and thought she was equal parts beautiful and fashionable. I wanted to be her friend then and there. Ha, Do I sound crazy yet? But can you blame me? She is so talented, fun and gorgeous. Check out her Blog and follow her on Insta

Have you noticed that flare jeans are making a huge come back this fall? Really anything 70's inspired is a big trend. We wanted to show two different outfits using two staple pieces; flares and this fringe bag. I loved teaming up with Elizabeth and seeing how her personality came out in her outfit. Be sure to check out her blog post to see how she styled this look.



Outfit Giveaway- LuLuBella

I have teamed up with my SUPER cute friend Karina Powell from Mr. and Mrs. Powell to bring you a really fun giveaway. We are giving away this whole outfit from LuLuBella.

 All you have to do is follow the instructions on the RaffeCopter below. Also for extra entries tag a friend on the giveaway photo in Instagram.

LuLu Bella is a super cute boutique in Rexburg, ID. While I was attending school at BYU-Idaho I would visit the store frequently, as it was the ONLY cute and trendy store in the town. Now that I have moved away to Texas, I find myself still looking up their clothing online. So it only seemed natural to team up with them- and miss Karina-to bring y'all this little piece of joy I have had in my life for years now.

This blue tulle skirt from LuLu Bella is the perfect color for spring/summer. I was so impressed by the durability of the fabric and the quality of the embellishments. I paired it with this fun polka dot blouse to keep the "girly" feeling going and added lots of jewels (the more the merrier, right?) Hope you like it.
I will let Karina speak for her dress but what I noticed was again the fabric was a good quality and it was so perfect on her cute form. I had a lot of fun shooting with this cute friend of mine! 

Make sure to enter the giveaway and do ALL the mandatory steps- Follow LuLuBella, Karina and myself on Instagram

a Rafflecopter giveaway


DIY: Ottoman

All done and looking spiffy. This room is quickly becoming our favorite. All the light that comes in makes me so happy. 

So, here is our DIY ottoman, a mixture of following this tutorial I found on Pintrest and just making it up as we went.

First lets start with materials. If you are doing it the way we did you will need

  1. A frame- find a steel worker in your area and just ask them to quote you on a frame of your choosing- You can also find a ton of metal legs on Etsy.
  2. 3/4 inch plywood. The tutorial we found actually used peg board but I wanted this to be super duper sturdy so I went with plywood.
  3. 3" thick foam (ok this stuff was crazy expensive at $47 a yard! And I needed three yards.) I didn't expect this to be a huge expense. Luckily we found foam on Amazon for much cheaper. I say go to Amazon.
  4. 1" thick quilt batting to cover the foam.
  5. Button making kit
  6. Upholstery needle and upholstery thread
  7. Spray adhesive, staple gun (and tons of staples) and a drill gun
  8. Finishing fabric
  9. Fabric
  10. A long straight edge for all the measuring.

We started by deciding how many buttons we wanted and decided 3, 4, 3 was the best for this size. 4" wide and 6.5" long. Refer to picture below because I know that was vague.

We marked the exact spots and started drilling away. I was so happy to have my studly man help me with this part. He is a man of many talents.

I sprayed the frame (after much deliberation) with black spray paint that was paint and primer in one. Then started making my buttons as it dried.
I cut a square off of my fabric and pushed in the button and then trimmed off the excess fabric. 

This part is not hard just SOOOOOO time consuming. Also I promise you, your cute little thumbs will hurt after this step. 24 buttons later and I has happy to be done with it.

I then mapped out the ply wood on onto my foam and then started cutting out the holes.
I used a pairing knife and it turned out to be amazingly easy. Cutting out holes will help to get those deep tufts.

Ok I skipped a few steps but all I did here was line up the foam and plywood and put them together using spray adhesive. This stuff is tough cookies once you spray be sure to get it right where you want it because it won't come up easy other wise. Once the foam and plywood were attached I wrapped my batting and got to stapling. The only tricky part is the corners. My one tip is to cut into the corners.

Then it was time to add the buttons. It took us a while to finish this step, again just time consuming. We pulled the needle through top to bottom on all the holes. We did half the buttons and then flipped the board on it's side and secured the buttons to the board. As you secure the buttons you have to make your pleats. 
This was our first attempt but were a little worried it would come loose.
So our next try we tied the strings with extra fabric and then stapled it down. This proved to be much more secure and allowed us to make deeper wells.
All buttons are in and secure, pleats are made and now ready to staple the fabric. We did all sides first and then the corners. Stapling and then cutting off extra fabric. Oh, I will say it is important to make the pleats going from the buttons to the back of the board. We made the pleats first and then stapled the rest of the fabric down. It just adds a super professional finishing touch to it.

Finished this off with finishing fabric and then put on the legs.

Finished product makes me so happy. This really was a labor of love. It took so long but man it really makes me happy.

We rewarded ourselves with a movie night at this sweet theater we found.  It is recently redone and every theater has full reclining leather seats. If you live in this area you should totally go here. Such a fun place.

Love my handsome husband.