Rocks Box It Girl

I was asked to be a Rocks Box it girl! And it was a very happy mail day when this lovely package came. My favorite are these awesome stackable Kendra Scott rings. So pretty and way cool. But before I get carried away on these beauties, let me explain what Rock Box is.

Rocksbox (www.rocksbox.com) is the premiere destination to borrow jewelry before you buy. For a monthly fee, Rocksbox members receive a highly curated box of designer jewelry with the option to borrow, buy or swap at any time. They feature 30+ amazing designers including Kendra Scott, House of Harlow, Gorjana, and Loren Hope. 

Totally worth it! And because I love all my amazing followers I am sharing my Rocks Box code with you so you can have one month FREE! Just go to Rocksbox.com and enter promo code chelpricexoxo upon signing up. 



Spring Cleaning Sale

Deals, anyone? ModCloth is making room for a slew of new styles by putting 100s of items on sale! It's your last chance to grab lots of these adorable items, so stop by their sale section, and stock up. These fashionable faves are going fast!

What: Spring Cleaning Sale
Launches: Monday, April 27th
Ends: Thursday, April 30th 
Sale Link: http://www.modcloth.com/shop/sale 



Keep the Faith: National Infertility Week

Did you guys know that there is a whole week dedicated to Infertility? April 19-25 is dedicated to Infertility, in all it's forms, and bringing light to the struggle we face. It seems more and more women (and men) struggle with something that keeps them from starting a family. So it is wonderful to me that there is a whole week dedicated to the cause.

I really can't express the heartache I have felt as my husband and I walk this seemingly never-ending, up-hill path. Infertility is really hard in a way that no one can really expect. It's a heartache that is reiterated every month, every time you see a new baby, every time a baby is announced, every sweet family that you see walking at the park. It's a feeling of 100 pound weights sitting on your chest and you just want to burst into a million pieces. You don't want to think about this scar that you have but somehow in someway it is always thrown in your face, or so it seems.

I have for sure felt those moments of wanting to give up or give in. Almost 4 YEARS of trying has been a long time to wait for me, but through all the heartbreak there has been one thing that has really pulled me through. And that is the atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

A few months back I thought for sure we were pregnant and when aunt flo came to visit it was the most heavy hearted I have ever felt. I sobbed (really bellowed) harder than I have ever in my life. Then a few months after that we started Clomid, which all around hasn't been too hard on me or my body, but the second round didn't even work. I'm talking like it would have been the same if I hadn't even taken the meds that month. My Dr. was baffled. He had no idea why it hadn't worked, everything seemed to be going so well. No explanation, just, "lets try again next month." I can remember these two moment vividly. Not because they were the hardest moments (I actually don't have enough appendages to count how many "hardest moments" we have had) but because I felt the Lord's loving embrace. Through the deep sorrow there was a reminder that everything was going to work out. A feeling of love and hope. These are not feelings I could have produced on my own, when I am sad I like to sulk. No, these were feelings given to me by Christ through the Holy Sprit. It was up lifting and happy when I wanted to be sad. These are the feelings that help me get through the every day.

Through family and friends (and I tell you what, I have been blessed with great family and friends.) my husband and sweet people that have struggled with infertility themselves, I feel the love the Savior has for me. He has never left me alone through this trial, and I have felt that to be true.

In a talk given by Jeffery R. Holland, member of the 12, I have found the most hope and the most pure love of the Savior. It is titled "Good things to Come". This talk has become so near to my heart, I listen to it whenever I feel I am losing faith. And I think it can be applied to any trial you face in life. Just keep the faith. Good things will come.




You guys! I have so many pictures to share with you all. My brother just got home from a two year LDS mission and I got a little picture happy. But before I get into all that, and as I sit here at the Pheonix Airpot (a three hour layover) I'll share some of our hiking photos.

After my brothers "homecoming" I got to spend a little more time with him which I loved. We went hiking early on in the week which was a good thing because the next day it snowed! SNOW, people. From 68 degrees to snow. I actually enjoyed it but that meant no more hikes. 

My brother took me up to Devil's Canyon. Which is a trail in the Colorado National monument (which is literally my parents backyard. Talk about a pretty view.) the hike was gorgeous and so wonderful to breath the brisk air but I was for sure worried about mountain lions the whole time. You hikers out there have to tell me if you ever worry about being eaten by mountain lions? 

My brother assured me that we were safe, and if not he had a pocket knife and our trusty dog, Nitro, would protect us if all else failed. Still I was still concerned the whole time. But we survived and I have some great pictures to help tell the tale.

Our start up the trail. It was hard to breath coming from sea level, but I did it!

Halfway mark before our hike down into the canyon.

Pretty views and wild flowers at the base of the canyon.
My super sweet brother and I on our way out of the canyon.
I had a great time spending a bit longer with him. Love you my brother. And goodbye Colorado. You will be missed! 



Spring Style

Spring Style

Strand necklace

Guys, have you noticed this hot spring trend? Fringe was all over the runways for Spring fashion. It's hot! And like every other style I love to mix a harsh, in your face trend with a more feminine touch. I like the soft shift dress with the fringe and the hem and the glam necklace with fringe added in. How will you be wearing this trend? I want to know! 



Daniel's Birthday

My sweet, amazing and very handsome hubby just turned 29 at the beginning of this month. To say I'm thankful for him is a vast understatement. He is for sure the best person I know. He's my very best friend and I'm so happy to call him mine. I threw his a big (you're getting old!) birthday bash with the help of my amazing friends. It was great fun but the best part was having all the attention on my Daniel.

He loves getting pictures taken, can't you tell?

That smile is the best. I'm a pretty terrible gift giver to my husband but this year my mother-in-law and I got him a good gift!

Birthday food was the bomb! Thank you again to those that brought a little something. My friends are so talented.

I got handsome Daniel trick candles and it was allot of fun to watch him try to blow them out. He is a good sport though!

Picture booth was a success! Some of our friends had to leave early and weren't able to take pictures. But I'm so glad they could come at all and celebrate Daniel. 

Happy birthday my sweet Daniel. I'm so happy I get to spend forever with you!