Christmas with Family

This year for Christmas we were able to go visit Daniel's Family up in Idaho.
On our way there we had a 7 HOUR layover in the Denver Airport. We were so stinking board. There is only so much you can do before you start going stir crazy. We road the tram like 5 different rounds before we decided it was ok to just go to our gate and wait. 7 hours still passed and it was worth it when we flew into beautiful Idaho.

Christmas with my in-laws is always special. We weren't able to make it up last year, so being with everyone this time  really made us happy.

Daniel got some sweet, old 40's Erector sets. They had all their pieces, even the original manuals. I love old antique-y things. Anything with a story makes me smile. My father-in-law is an amazing woodworker. For Christmas he made all the married kids writing desks. (Pictures to come on Instagram)
Jenga, the Price family cat, is the coolest cat you will meet. My brother and sister in-law got him this inflatable unicorn horn for Christmas. He pretty much loved it.

One of the best things about Christmas Day was that we got to see these two handsome boys. Both of my brothers are serving an LDS Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Joshua, the picture up top, will come home in April and we seriously can not wait. Jacob went out in August and he is doing so well. Both enjoy the work so much. It's amazing to see how they have grown by going on a mission.

I hope you all had a wonderfully, bright and happy Christmas. And that we may all remember the reason for the season is Christ and His great life and sacrifice. 



Prep School Classic

Drew Sweater via Marshals, Ann Taylor Blouse, Old Navy Skirt, Steve Madden Shoes via Marshalls, Dutch Side Braid props to the gorgeous Abby Smith from Twist Me Pretty 

Call me crazy or whatever you like but I really love the creativity of putting outfits together. It is totally a way to express myself and enjoy the "project" I have undertaken. It's kinda hard to describe, or to put onto words how happy it really makes me. I am kind of obsessed. I visualize certain pieces of clothing through out the day and then think, "hmm that actually might look really cute with, this that or the other." Some outfits are total failures and others make me so happy. I truly consider my outfits of the day as a piece of my personality. It speaks volumes about me. It not only says that I LOOOVE fashion but that I like the creativity of it all. It is really fun to me.



Recently, the husband and I have caught a huge case of wanderlust. We have been really excited to drive around this place we call home and find new little towns and cities. A few weekends ago we found the city of Groveton, TX population 1k. It is this tiny, historic, country town about 2 hours north east from where we live. Full of history, mile high hair, and friendly smiles. On our adventures we like to look for antique shops, historic buildings and road names. Just to get a sense of the area and the people that live there.

 This was a private road leading to a family home which made us wonder if they had a connection to the Kickapoo tribe?



Winter Whites

The great part of fall fashion is all the layering (although we have to start way later here in Texas). One of my favorites fall and winter layering looks is winter white. All white, or super light colors, layered together. It is just a very classy, clean look. Yep, love it!

JC Penny Sweater and Skirt (similar here) Loft Button Shirt (similar here and here),  Old Navy Booties (similar here) Revlon Lip Butter in the color Raspberry Pie


Life and Lessons

 There have been certain thoughts circling around my head for the past few months, so bear with me as I try to put them down on paper. Also this is not another "I want a baby" post, although I really do want a baby. ha ha (laugh with me, it's supposed to be funny)

I have been ridiculously busy since October; hence the no posting of outfits, and none of it has been in the direction I have wanted to go. None of my busyness has gotten me closer to the plans I have made for myself career wise. But, that’s ok. I feel like over the past few months I have been stretched, molded, refined and (slightly) purified more than I have ever been in my entire life. I don’t really feel like I am in as much control of my life as The Lord is.

It has felt like every direction I have wanted to go, the road has been blocked, a life like sign saying, “Do not enter” or “Road closed”. Every time I have made a plan for myself it’s been stunted. Not stopped, just slowed WAYYYYYY down. I remember feeling forgotten and lost because I knew the Lord hears prayers, and knows the desires of my heart, so why can’t He just make life happen for me! I have come to understand that it will on His time frame and that He needs me for something else right now. He is in control and I need to be ok with that. (trust me that sentence is hard to say). And I wasn’t ok with that for a long time. I was hard headed and upset. I didn’t want to “learn” what He had to teach me. I just wanted what I wanted and that’s IT!

In October I received a blessing from my sweet husband that pretty much told me to keep enduring; it’s not over yet. And I hated it. I was so mad. I wanted to be blessed with healing or a direction to go or anything other than knowing that my trials were not done. (FYI and TMI: at this point I was 2 weeks late and thought for sure I was pregnant this time) As I knelt in my closet sobbing harder than I think I have ever in my life, there was another phrase that was brought back to my mind. Something that my husband blessed me with that I didn’t hear at first; “help others through their trials and be the person they can lean on”. There it was, my “direction” so to speak. I have tried my hardest these past few months to just be there for other people. If they needed a babysitter, yep I would do it. If they needed to talk, I would be there. If they needed me to help clean out their house, I actually failed on this one. (You know who you are and I am sorry I didn’t help. If you still need it, let me know!) But I have felt the Lord helping me heal as I have served others, in whatever small way they have asked.

I don’t believe He expect us to be perfect, just to try really hard to be the best person we can be. I have felt myself coming out of the pain, like it as been purged from my blood, as I have thought more of others and wanted to help them more than I have wanted to help myself.

I feel a greater sense of self, as I am becoming more of the person He wants me to be and less of the person I insist on becoming. I still will be sad when that little stick tells me “negative”, I will just pick myself up quicker and pray to be able to serve. I will still push on to accomplish my fashion goals and dreams, but I will do it more in His way and involve Him more in the direction I should take. 

I think every trial we go through has a lesson. It's just what we do in life when we learn those lessons. Will we accept them and learn and grow or will we say, "thats nice" and continue running like mad on our hamster wheel? 

And I just keep thinking of how ridiculously blessed I am. How happy my life really is and that stressing over things that I really have no control over are not worth stressing over. So learn your life lesson (I know I will be continuing to learn) and be so grateful for your life right now.

 photos by Joslyn


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Day to Night

I stopped by Old Navy one day, just to look around and in my browsing I came across this adorable striped dress. Being that the stores don't stock "Tall" sizes it was on sale (and I actually really love that it's tall because it comes all the way to the knee, loooove that! As I continued to browse, I found this super fun, bright, Tartan blanket scarf near the back on one of the tables. I couldn't believe it. It was such a win browse day. And the dress was on sale which just made my day!

Because this is such a cute/fun and transitional dress I wanted to do a Day to Night look. I actually wore both these looks one day (and night) for a girls night last week. Totally fun.

 To make this night look pop even more I would add a leather Jacket. 

Stacking necklaces is a good way to add a little interest.


Tartan Scarf

Tartan Scarf
I'm intrigued by this all black look for fall. And although it has a subtle style about it, I have the desire to add color and texture. A great way to do that is with these amazing blanket scarfs. I love the tartan print and the extra bulk it adds to an outfit. I recently bought this pretty orange and burgandy blanket scarf from Old Navy and I completely love it. 


Dallas Weekend

Last month we took a weekend trip to Dallas. Having lived in the Houston area for over 2.5 years we decided it was about time we explored the cities around us.

 He has the most amazing eyes! As I tried taking a pre-vacation photo he says, "I can't take a picture, I'm trying to drive." Such a safety man. ha ha 
 Sam Houston Statue 
 The cutest bakery in Historic down town Corsicana, Tx.
 "Wide Open Spaces" que Dixie Chicks music.
 Cotton fields as far as the eye can see
 The first thing we did when we got into Dallas was go to the Botanical Gardens. It was beautiful. We love plants and it was so fun to walk around looking at all the different species and dreaming of planting some of these beauties in our yard some day.

 Such a cutie. He took a selfie by this sculpture that he thought was cool.
Look at how pretty these bushes are!
 Little secret bench
 My favorite part of the Gardens was this magical view.

 Then the sun came out and we started to sweat like crazy, so we decided it was time to go.
 Daniel's "pick" was to go to the flight museum next. Since we were there for only two days we tried to fit as much in as possible!

 I have never met anyone in my life that has such a deep interest in anything mechanical. Anything with an engine or motor and my husband is drawn to it like a bear to honey. He just has to study it and learn how it works. It's the cutest. EVER.

 Some seriously amazing and beautiful Mexican food. It was so dang good!

 We had a lot of fun at the Red Bull Air Race. And once again Daniel was in heaven. And even I enjoyed it the whole time. 
On our way home we got caught in a terrible rain storm. Traffic slowed to 20 mph on the interstate and at one point we couldn't see out of the window. 
But after we passed the storm there was a double rainbow. Thank goodness for heavens blessings.