Alone Again

Shoes, Skirt &Belt: Target Shirt: Langford Market Necklace & Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory

The fam-bam has left and it makes me so sad! I decided that I just don't like being lonely. Really I'm not. Please don't think of me as this helpless thing that sits in the corner all by herself, because that is just not me. What I mean to say is I wish I had company at all times- good company, like family or friends. People who really understand you and your sense of humor (or lack of). People who can pull pranks and know that even if feelings are hurt they won't be like that for long. The Hubs and I are so lucky to have such great family. We were really being looked out for when we came to this Earth! Only a week and a half till I'm with family again. ( I know I'm being such a baby, right!) 
Ok, Ok time to grow up and be a big girl. For work we have another fashion show tonight and it's going to be a BIG one. I'm really looking forward to it. We are throwing a fashion show for the Woodlands Mall to kick off all the spring fashion and shopping in this area. Oooo just talking about it makes me happy, and a little sleepy. I think after this week I could sleep for three days straight. Also I think I could go without eating for a while! (which I would never do but I don't think it could hurt at this point.) We ate so much this week (as we always do when we are together- leave it to my mother's culture to fatten us kids right up!) so please excuse me if I'm looking a little bloated in these pictures. This coming week's workouts are going to KICK MY BUTT!
I have also noticed more than ever that I am extremely white! Man you would think that I live in Alaska or something. My brothers kept saying that The Hubs turned me into a vampire. I will be tanning this summer- maybe!
Ok now on to the outfit. This shirt is still a little bit big on me (I got it tailored recently). I really wanted to wear it with this skirt, but I think it would work better with my white pants or colored skinnies.... Ok I'll put that in my mental fashion portfolio for future reference. However I still think that a jean shirt works well with this skirt. I wanted to tie in the yellow of the skirt somehow so I paired the outfit with this big chunky necklace that has green, yellow and turquoise. And Wah-Lah! There you have it. Thanks fo reading!


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  1. I love this Chels! I know how you feel!!!:( I am the exact same way! I love this outfit. I need to hire you to put together outfits for me! You are perfect and you look gorgeous! xo