Shirt, Skirt and Belt: Target, Pearls-Old, Shoes: Old Navy

Someone should have warned me that making decisions is difficult. Geeze! I thought it was rough in high school, trying to decide on a prom dress or which night to hang out with my friends. Then you grow up and you get faced with choices like, which college should I attend? Should I marry this guy I have been dating for a while? (which actually wasn't a very hard choice. I have always had a soft spot for my husband and I still think that is the smartest choice I have ever made, but you get the point.) And that is not where the decisions stop. Where should we live? Where should we work, and for how long? Do we go back to school? And for Pete's sake when on EARTH can we have children!? And I know thats not where the choices will stop either. Can you tell I'm a little stressed with life right now? I actually kind of just broke down with that last question..... But on the bright side I'm lucky enough to share all my decision making with the most important person in my life, my husband.
Recently My Honey has been faced with a really tough decision on where to work. He is torn between two jobs that he thinks would be beneficial to his future, both in different ways. It's kind of taxing on us both to be stuck in no mans land. 
I'm working through some choices also, but more along the lines of WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE!!!??? I feel so stagnate and I hate feeling like this. I want to grow and progress not be rooted to a solitary spot. Maybe that is due to my wild, un-tamed spirit (ba-ha ha If you knew me at all you would be laughing right now wondering, "What wild, un-tame spirit?" ha ha) Sometimes I really do wish that we would have a map given to us when we are born. Telling us which turn to make and exactly when to make it. But isn't that sometimes the exciting part of life, that we really don't know what could be waiting for us around the corner? Maybe it won't be a great thing, but it's so worth the struggle when it is a GREAT thing!

Ok, like I said in my post yesterday, I really love Target. I guess I didn't realize how much until I started  this post. Some days  everything I have on is from Target and it makes me giggle to my self a little. Oh, Target, you're great!

 I wanted my outfit to be a little more relaxed while still wearing a pencil skirt, which is pretty hard to do sometime. So I paired my super awesome polka dot skirt with a cute color T and belted it with a large belt. Leaving the excess belt floppy makes it look a little more laid back. I added my pearls to give it a little "sweet factor" and added my booties to finish off the feel of the outfit. I hope you like it!

 This is me, laughing at how serious I take my self sometimes.



  1. OH I hear you girl! I'm not pretending to know how difficult your choices/decisions, etc. are for you--but just how much it stinks to be a big, responsible adult sometimes! Sheesh! Hang on and hang in there, girly! Hope life calms down soon! Love ya!

  2. oh girl I know you have your hands full of decision making! Thanks I will and you do the same!

  3. I'm always available for girl talk and as a listening ear.