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Man, It feels like forever ago that I wrote on my blog. I have a lot to tell you about the past three weeks, but I'll save the bulk of it for another post. The important things that happened was my little brother Josh leaving for his mission to Soa Palo, Brazil and my brother-in-law getting married. I had a great time seeing family (which I consider my husbands family to be mine as well as his). I always feel so sad when I leave them. My honey and I got home just the other day, and this morning I woke up feeling so sad. I really do atribute that sad feeling to having a quiet home. I miss the chaos and laughter of little kids. I miss having someone in the other room to laugh with or share a bowl of cereal. Living so far away from family is hard. But I enjoy the time I get to spend with them. And I really had a great trip. I can't wait to show you all the pictures.

For my blog post today I wanted to do my favorite things from Target. Target is one of my very favorite stores. Not only can you find everything you need there, they also always have good deals and low prices. (I also feel like they have top quality items, so I know I'm getting a great deal.) But my favorite things right now are these items, and everything shown here is UNDER $30! Say what!!?? I love the colors and the retro-ish style of these clothing items. The yellow dress is darling if you ask me. The lining around the neck gives it great personality and yellow is such a happy color. I can't imagine having a bad day while wearing this dress. I would pair it with a cardigan (you could do cream or a lighter yellow for the monocrome look that you'll see all over this spring.) or my trusty jean jacket. Really I think you could wear this dress with anything, but thats where I would start. 
The next thing I found at Target was this black and white blazer. So cute! 
You could really dress this up and wear it over a dress, a blouse and slacks or wear it with a loose fitting color T and boyfriend jeans for a relaxed look. Add some pumps and wa-la! perfection! 

You know this bib necklace trend that you see in pretty much every store? RUN with it! Bib necklaces add so much detail to an outfit. If you do go this route then wear a simple earring or none at all. But can you just imagine wearing a simple white button up shirt with one of these necklaces? Wouldn't that be so stinking cute? I think so! 
One item that is definitely on my list "To Buy" is this retro, polka dot, one piece, swim suit. I usually don't look forward to swim suit season but I think it would be pretty hard to leave this beauty sitting in your closet for too long! This suit is perfect for someone like me that is curvy. The ruching on the side will help mask my "problem" areas And the bow will draw attention to my upper half, creating an allusion that I have more up there than I really do :) happy day! I highly recommend going to Target and checking out the other cute retro style suits. I guarantee you'll find one you love.
I have always been a hat person. Not that I think hats look all that great on me, but I just love them. I wish we still wore hats every were we went. And I'm talking about the huge over the top floppy hats. I really would like to go to a Kentucky Derby just once so I have a reason to wear an all-out hat. But for now I'll just have to settle for wearing one around the pool. This floppy hat would go great with my swim suit now I think about it. And no pool side attire is complete with out a great tote. I love the kelly green with navy blue combo. Then I would need to wear these cute cat eye sun glasses and I would have it made in the shade... literally!
The other great thing about Target is the Home Decor section. They always have such fantastic things. I need to start buying a little here and there so I can decorate my home. I love stripes I think that stripe throw needs to come live with me!

Sorry I wrote a book, but I haven't blogged in so long. I forgot how much I missed it! 


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