Date Night

Jacket: TJ Maxx, Shoes, Belt and Necklace: Target, Dress: Old Navy

Sadly, date night starts off, every time, by taking pictures. It's not a super exciting thing to do but we do it none the less. However we did continue the date by going to Barns and Nobel, where we indulged in our favorite magazines. The Hubs had the most resent car magazine as I flipped through a few fashion articles. I wish we could have captured the moment on camera, but neither of us wanted to draw that much attention to ourselves. (I think this is where a smart phone would come in handy. Sometimes I feel like we are stuck in the nineties) After we got our fill of whats hot in cars and fashion, we walked around the mall (I totally felt like I was back in high school) got some ice cream and watched a movie. We felt like being a little crazy so we stayed up till eleven..... ha ha yep, thats how cool we are! But it was a fun night and I don't mind being that boring couple as long as I get to be with My honey. I hope you are having a great week end too!

isn't he so handsom! I love when he makes this face. It's his "I'm not taking any more pictures" face! Love HIM!


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