Something in The Walls

White Shirt: Old Navy, Vintage Black Blouse: Langford Market, Pants: TJ Maxx, Purse: Langford Market

Soooo, the other day I came home from work and had to pee (Sorry TMI, but I'm trying to set the scene. That probably just made it worse.) Anyways as I am doing the potty dance, trying to get my pants off, I hear some kind of movement in my walls, and then all the sudden it sounds like something is going to fly out of my bathroom toilet. I stop what I'm doing and try to figure out what is going on. All sorts of thoughts go through my mind: the neighbors are getting something fixed, Maintenance is cleaning out the apartment above us, or possibly the toilet has been possessed. But as I listen more carefully I hear little birds chirping, and then the rustling in the walls suddenly becomes the sound of wings flapping. "THERE ARE BIRDS LIVING IN MY WALLS!" (I still have not gone to the restroom at this point.) was the overwhelming thought that came to mind. How did they get there? But more importantly how can I get them out. The Hubs came home shortly after I made this discovery (well I shouldn't say discovery, more like assumption) But as I called him in to listen, everything was silent. The things in my walls were not there. (ok now at this point I had finally gone pee) So I got to thinking maybe it really was maintenance and the chirping was coming from the birds outside (I swear they are trying to repopulate the world right now) But then I heard them again today as I was getting ready. There are definitely birds living in my walls...... I don't know what to do?!! And I don't know if they come and go or if they are stuck? Which that makes me sad to think, I hope they have a way in and out, but it might be better if they just stay out.

Ok really quick about the outfit. I LOVE this shirt I found at Langford Market. It vintage inspired and had the cutest collar in the back. I wanted to show off all the design so I put this white button up shirt underneath. To me, the outfit came out looking preppy and vintage, and I love it! 


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  1. Chelsea, I so wish I could hire you to shop with me!