Oh Accessories!

Shirt: Langford Market, Bermuda Shorts: Old Navy, Earrings: Old Navy,  Long Necklace: Target, Short Necklace: TJ Maxx, Sunglasses: Forever 21

Have you been into Old Navy lately? If you haven't, you need to head on over ASAP. They have started carrying jewelry again. (I say again because I'm almost 100% sure they did at one point or another.) Their jewelry selection is soo cute. But for whatever reason they don't have it up on the website, so go to Old Navy and take a gander! I love these two-tone, blue earrings I found. They look almost antique-ish (like jewels you would see on a broche) combine that with the girly style and I was sold! Plus they complement by AWESOME cat eye sunnies. I think I was subconsciously feeling the 50's style! Accessories really add a lot to an outfit. I am always telling anyone who will listen, that taccessories make or break your outfit. An ordinary dress (or whatever it may be) suddenly becomes something interesting if you add a little sparkle. You can do this by accessorizing with jewelry, belts and scarves or bags and shoes. Just think how cute your every day outfits can become when you play it up with accessories!



  1. Chelsea you are SO cute! I miss working out with you in aerobics :) ...So I love how in some of your pictures you part your hair down the middle, I want to start styling my hair like that more but when I do it always reminds me of bad 3rd grade pictures and the term 'butt cut' haha ...yours always looks SUPER cute, could you tell me how you do that please?