Trends I LOVE Right Now

trends I love right now

Orange dress

Lucky Brand evening top

ASOS leather sandals
$27 - asos.com

Topshop plastic sunglasses

Here are some trends I am in LOVE with at the moment. (P.s. how cool is this! ^ I just created this on Polyvore, came to my blogger account, and ta-dah! here it was all linked up and everything!)

Here are my 6 Fave Trends:
1. I am loving these geometrical, multi-colored dresses. They are so funky and fun as well. They have a lot going on, so yourwouldn't have to add much, accessory wise. But if you wanted to go all out, then by all means, add that chunky necklace! Be chunky and funky!
2. I see this punched leather trend all over the place. I've seen it on shoes and purses and I love both! I really like that it adds texture to your outfit, and if you didn't know that is a good thing!
3. Peasant, embroidered shirts are SO CUTE! They make getting dressed for the day easy. Just wear it with some jeans, a pair of cute sandals and earrings and you're set!
4. Statement sandals. Ok, for the days that you don't want to even think about getting dressed, just go for the statement sandal. Everyone will be so focused on them that they will forget that you left the house in your p.j's (ha ha ok please don't do that but you get my point?)
5. Cat eye sunnies are so retro and super sexy. They will spice up any outfit and give you that "I've got a secret" look. I can't wait to wear mine!
6. Statement Necklace. Pretty much anything "statement" will allow you to get away with jeans and a plain white T (I didn't mean to make a reference to the band, ha!)


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