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From Target: All Accessories, Shorts 1&2, High-Low dresses, Sandals and Wedge. From Old Navy: Shirt 2,3,4, Jean Shorts and Pantsand purple flats, From The Buckle: Shirt 1&6

A friend of mine came to me recently and asked if I would put some outfits together for her for a trip coming up in June. She lives in New Mexico and is visiting South Carolina in the middle of sumer! If you don't know New Mexico weather, let me just tell you, it's a dry heat. Uncomfortable, yes but definitely bearable. South Carolina is not only going to be hot it's going to be HUMID, which means you just feel wet and sticky all day long. And I think that is the most uncomfortable feeling ever! (Sorry friend!) So as I was putting these outfits together I kept "cool thoughts" in mind. This applies for everyone, any where you go, so listen up! 
If you want to stay cool (and I mean cool as in not sweaty) look for fabrics that are breathable i.e. cotton, linen and/or wicking fabrics. If you have to wear a cardigan find one that is made of these materials. You will be amazed at the difference you feel. Also try to stay away from synthetic clothing. However this is pretty hard when 99.9% of those flowy blouses you see are made up of synthetic materials. So if you just HAVE to have that shirt, look for something that isn't touching you/ clingy to your body. Look for shirts, dresses and skirts that are flowy and breathable. The less area it's touching, the less you'll feel like ripping your hair off your head at the end of the day. ha ha!  I know that sounds crazy but trust me, that's the feeling you get. Also if you get a synthetic top that shows your shoulders, try putting a cotton or linen cardigan over it. That will help keep you cool as well. (and it will mop up a lot of the sweat, if you know what I mean) Oh by the way, by cardigan I mean light weight. Not your sweater cardi you wore through the winter. (You never really know what the weather is going to be like so pack a light sweater just in case.) 
Shorts are a great way to stay cool as well. If you don't like showing off that much leg, opt for the bermuda short. They are so cute and you can wear them with seriously ANYTHING. Like a button up shirt or a relaxed T. The list goes on
Here is a tip for wearing jeans in the summer: When wearing jeans make sure to wear a flowy top and open toe shoes. The top will help your body breath and open toe shoes will help ventilate you. 
Lastly dresses are a GREAT way to stay cool. We love maxi dresses and skirts, but sometimes those lock in a lot of heat. So look for the high-low dress. That will help keep the breeze moving and result in keeping you cool.
All of these outfits I felt would look great on my friend. I factored in her body type, hair and skin coloring and her personality.
I hope this helps all of you, but mostly I hope this helps you dear friend! Have fun in South Carolina!


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