I don't know about you guys, but I am getting ready for summer! It is just around the corner and I want to be prepared! This is just a little sneak peak to some REALLY cute things I have planned for the blog. I can't wait to show you guys!!! :s One outfit I am still skeptical about..... I'll have to try it on again to decide if I really like or if it will sit in my closet and only see the light of day once. I know a few things I could wear it with but with the temperature rising I might not follow through with my plans. We'll see what happens.
Something I do while shopping for anything is think of what I already have in my closet. If I can't think of at least two outfits I could wear with thing specific article of clothing, then I won't buy it. The reason being; It gives me more options and keeps getting dressed for the day FUN! It also helps so that I won't get bored of wearing the same shirt, with the same pants and shoes. I know this happens to more people than me right.... I'll put together an outfit together, that I love, and I'll get complemented on it, so I'll wear the same thing ALL THE TIME! It's my go to, easy outfit. But pretty soon I get tired of it and think it's not good to wear any more. But an easy fix to thing "dilemma” is (like I said) thinking of at least one other outfit you could compile with this article of clothing. It's kind of like getting a whole new outfit, because it's fresh and different. Plus you save your self some of the headache, because you already know it's going to look great on you!
Ok sorry a change of subject, but how cute are these beach towels form TJ Maxx?! We’ve been needing some because I don't like taking our bath towels out to the pool. The Hubs doesn't really like to go swimming, but I thought if he had an awesome Lobster towel he might change his mind.... Ha ha I doubt it. But it's worth a try. Anyways I hope this little tip helps you for your next shopping trip! I know it helps me.



  1. Oh, I'm SURE the lobtser towel will make him like swimming 100% more.

  2. you think? I sure hope so ha ha ha!