All White.....

Shirt: Forever 21(simular) , Pants: Old Navy, Earrings: Charming Charlie, Shoes: TJ Maxx (simular from H&M)

I hope all of you had a wonderful memorial day! My sweet husband and I had a great weekend. Isn't great that we have the opportunity to celebrate all those that made our freedom possible? I'm so grateful to all those that came before me, who mad sacrifices due to their bravery, and because of their strength and courage I can live free. I love this country!

I'm sure that you have heard the "Don't wear white before Memorial Day" rule. Well that has been thrown out the window due to the "All White" trend going around this spring/summer. But if wearing all over white isn't your thing, don't worry. Start off small because white, in general, is a great summery look this season. Here are some tips for wearing white:
First: When shopping for white jeans, don't let yourself worry if you have to go up a size. Actually for women built like me (more junk in the trunk, and hips and thighs....) you have to go in the store knowing to go up a size. Here is why; white jeans show EVERYTHING so if you have even the smallest problem spot, and you buy your pants too tight, they will tell on you with a vengeance. So spare yourself the embarrassment and just go up a size. Besides you are the only one who will know the actual size of your pants. I recommend the Sweet Heart fit from Old Navy for girls like me. They hit higher on the waist which will help hold everything in as well as giving shape to the correct areas (i.e. your rooty, tooty booty! and no love handles) If you are straighter through the hip I would try the flirt or rock star jeans Old Navy provides. (Although rock star's fit is definitely going to have you go up a size.)
Second: When shopping for white keep in mind the fabrics for the season. You wouldn't want to wear white cords in summer or white linen in fall. But if you switch the two you're suddenly on trend and can pull off white before Memorial Day.
Third: Make it simple. You can wear a white dress, skirt or top and simply have the white trend down pat!
Fourth: Keep accessories in mind. Wear a white cardigan, or purse or shoes etc... If all over white is not your thing.
And Fifth: Keep some kind of laundry pen on hand! I have to admit; I walked around all day-worried sick I was going to get grease on my perfectly crisp white pants. For some reason, stains on white are more embarrassing then on anything else (so I think).
Bonus: Add simple accessories for the pop of color. I chose to be super simple and only add a colorful earring, but this would be cute with a color shoe, or scarf or bag!


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