Yay! Another Look Book!

I just got done putting together another look book! This time for my sweet sister. I am so excited for her to see all the things I put together. I think the items I pulled match her personality and style exactly. I hope you are as excited as I am Sissy! 
The one thing that is frustrating is that I don't have a design program (like Indesign) so putting these "look books" together can get really irritating. The clothing items shift and move if you just look at them funny. So every time I think I finally have an outfit almost finished, I move the last little item and everything goes bezurk (sp???) The other thing is when looking at the outfits you kind of have to use your imagination. The outfits I paired the navy blazer with obviously won't have the shirt and pants the model is wearing. It would be nice if all the stores included a picture of just the clothing item..... Either way I got it done and like I said I am super excited about it! My sister has a really cute polka dot chambray shirt and a cream blouse that she could wear with the three loner skirts. When wearing her chambray and maxi skirt I think it would be super cute for her to knot the shirt in the middle/front and then wear a long gold necklace with it. I only put a few outfits together to give her an idea of what I had in mind, but with these articles of clothing, and the things she has in her closet already, the outfit possibilities are endless! (sorry to sell you out sis but, she really doen't have much in her closet now. She needs a good shopping trip). 
Just so you can get the full effect, the outfits are put together by first; jacket, pants or dress to shirt and then accessories. Oh and there is a white T that I know blends into the back ground. But if you are looking and thinking something is missing, just look a little harder. It's there, I promise! :) 
Despite the hard work, I love putting look books together. So if you are thinking it's time for a new wardrobe, (or just a few new things) let me know. I'd love to help you out!


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