Not as planned

This is probably the dumbest dog you will ever meet (f you were ever to meet him) but I just can't help to love him.

 This little man wanted to play blocks so much. He made a pretty sweet air plane.
 Early morning giggles

This little girl is so much fun! We laugh so hard at all her excitement when eating breakfast.
My travel plans were interrupted right away on Tuesday morning when we hit the dreaded and infamous Houston traffic. An 18 wheeler was stalled on the over pass only a few miles from the air port. Talk about so close yet so far away. Needless to say I missed my flight. I was in tears (I was so stressed and sad that  my plans were not going to go "as planned") Luckily the gentleman that helped me reschedule my flight plans was so nice and patient. I got my ticket and was expected to fly from Houston to Denver and catch my connecting flight to Durango 2 hours after I landed. My sister had planned on picking me up from Durango where we would travel yet another hour to her house. Well the first part went as planned. I landed in Denver safe and sound, although there were times I was afraid we might fall right out of the sky. (The turbulence was incredibly scary and landing was the least of fun I have ever had.) But Denver is where my plans went out the door. The storm in Denver increased and our plane was delayed in Omaha, NE. My flight would not leave Denver until 11pm, putting me in Durango at midnight and finally getting to my sisters at 1 a.m. I felt terrible about having my sister come get me at that hour with three little kids. I planned on just staying the night in Durango, but then my sister and I both had the thought to call someone we knew. I immediately thought of The Sherwoods (some of our family friends that have been a part of my life since I was born, or if not that long, pretty close) Mrs. Sherwood had work very early the next morning, so she made sure Mr. Sherwood and his brother would be there waiting for me. As I walked off the plane I saw two cowboys waiting patiently for the lost wanderer. Ha ha! I was so thankful to see them and for their willingness to come get me at such a late hour. I will forever be indebted to their kindness. Thank you again! I made it to my sister's safely and didn't have to stay in a city all by myself. I am grateful!

There will be a outfit up tomorrow stick around! 


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  1. It is so wonderful to hear of good deeds and helpers! I love the images you are capturing.