Impromptu Date Night

Jacket: TJ Maxx, Cami: Target, Earrings: Charming Charlie, Maxi: Langford Market

I spotted this sweet ant hill after taking pictures for the blog. It was too cool to pass by. If you look close enough you can see a little ant on the brim. This just may be the 8th world wonder-how a tiny little ant can make such a home. I guess many hands make light work.

To make picture taking a little more exciting, The Hubs made it a date night. He caught me by surprise when telling me that we wouldn't be going home right away. Instead we took a trip, for the first time since being in The Woodlands, to the local library. (I bet you were thinking it was going to be something really exciting, hu? Well actually it was really fun!) My amazing husband loves books so much that he teased we would stay there till closing which was 9pm. I can't say that I love books as much as he does, however I have, for the first time ever, found a great appreciation for them. I used to think that if the book was good enough it would be made into a movie. But there is a whole different world within books. Your imagination is limitless, and that is the part I love. 
The Hubs and I set off to find a book that would satisfy our time. I was lucky enough to find Pride and Prejudice right as I walked up the stairs (Adult section was on the 2nd floor) and since I have been fascinated with novels of the19th century I decided I would read, for the first time, a Jane Austen novel. And what better way to start then with Pride and Prejudice? I have seen both the movies, and although Keira Knightly plays a great Elizabeth Bennet, I prefer the 3.5-hour movie that gives the whole relationship between Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennet. (I have to say, thank you mom for making me watch this movie with you on a long Saturday afternoon.) And as much as I love the movie, I am loving the book. Some days I wish I could live in that era. But then I think of the wonderful life I have now and the great people I have to share it with. Thanks again honey for the fun date night. 
Ok now on to the outfit. A couple weeks ago I was running around Market Street trying to get ready for a fashion show. The skirt I was wearing was blowing all over the place in the high wind and I was certain that everyone had had a good look at my undergarments. I ran into Langford Market and asked them if they had a skirt that would allow me to look nice for the fashion show but also run around while I still needed to. They supplied me with this lovely maxi skirt. I love it because it is not like your normal maxi. It is super long (covers my shoes even when I walk) and gorgeously flowy. I feel like I am walking on the beach when I wear this. And yesterday I felt like Elizabeth Bennet when I sat in an armchair reading my novel in a floor length skirt (which in her case would be a dress, but still). The material is not your usual jersey knit which allows for a lot of movement. I paired it with a simple tank and my jean jacket to balance the flowy-ness with some structure. And topped it all off with some chunky jewelry. 


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