A Grunge Kind of Day

Purse, Hat and Sweater: My sister's Closet (ha ha) Shoes, Shirt and Jeans: Target
Yesterday was a grunge kind of day and I loved it! I had fun running errands with my sister and the kiddos. I think the only reason it was fun was because we had each other to juggle the kids. Which the kids are pretty easy but having each other kept it simple. We had lunch at "Hot Chilies" (which my monkey boy calls Chilies) My nephew had track practice later in the day and the wind was going nuts. ( I forgot how windy it is here in good ol' N.M.) But luckily I was able to raid my sister's closet and get some necessary items to stay warm. We laughed so hard when trying to get pictures for the blog. The sun was blinding and the wind had me in tears the whole time. Finally we got a couple of decent shots and called it a day. I love being with family we have so much fun no matter what we are doing!
Ok now outfit time. I think that you can dress "gungy" and still be cute. However I do believe, with all my heart that p.j's are meant to be worn to bed ONLY. Please, please at least put pants on before you leave your house. ( and a bra, I should throw that in there!) but there are definitely days when you really just don't want to get dressed or be put together. And you know what that is just fine. I think we all need one of those every once in a while. Just remember you dress how you feel and if you want to feel confident, dress confidently. On a fat day (which we ALL have them) put on your favorite shirt (or favorite piece of clothing) and be confident that you are beautiful!  


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