Spring! And Easter Sunday Outfit

Shirt: Old Navy simular Skirt: TJ Maxx Bangles and Pumps: Target Necklace: Charming Charlie

After Church yesterday, we came home and took a much needed sunday nap. It was bright and sunny when we closed our eyes and when we woke up (mid day mind you) it looked like we slept till the middle of the night. A stormed rolled in while we slept and caught me completely by surprise. The lightning was just outside our door and when the thunder came, it shook our windows. There is something relaxing about a rain storm, but when thunder is involved I get very nervous. Luckily the storm was short and the clouds moved out quickly. As soon as it passed we were looking out at the sun once again.   Which meant picture time! (The Hubs wasn't very excited) But to both our delights the trees and bushes had little water droplets on them, and there was a dragon fly just floating around. It was just so pretty, we had to take pictures of them. That dragonfly almost blends into the leaf, he wasn't very big either, we almost missed him. Thankfully we caught a good picture of this little guy. Magical things happen after it rains. 
A lady at church told me that you can't go wrong with a chambray shirt. I agree! They seriously go with everything, even a bright pink skirt that has been sitting in my closet for a while now. No this is not a new find, I've had it for years.... (Just one of those things that I'm finally starting to fit into again! Yippy me!) Luckily for you, if you want a skirt like this you can find them anywhere. This color is so HOT this spring. Banana Republic has this one on sale now. And guess what.... it's modest. (skirts that actually go to your knees are not easy to find, I tell you what!) To make the shirt and skirt make sense, I added a supper cute necklace from Charming Charlie (I'm not kidding, if you ever need jewelry go here! This is the best place EVER!) Oh and just for laughs I popped my collar.... please don't ask me why. I'm not quite sure. Thanks so much for reading!


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