Packing...Only One Suitcase

I am in the process of packing for my 3 week trip to the home land! I can't wait to be there and spend time with family. However the stress leading up to it has almost won me over. I plan on continuing with my blog posts over these next few weeks, so I want to pack articles of clothing that could work well with one another and to mix and match as much as possible. All while taking up as little room as possible in my tiny carry on bag. I know what you're thinking, just check a bag.... Well I actually still might but here are my reasons for not wanting to. First, checking a bag, when it's only myself, is pretty ridiculous. I shouldn't take up that much room. Although, it being me, it's pretty impossible to take minimal amount of clothing and be satisfied. Secondly, it costs more to check a bag, and I got a dang good deal on my air ticket so why, I ask, should I pay more when the rational thing to do is to simply carry on? Third I have a striking fear of the airport loosing my luggage. Yes, I know this happens on a daily basis, but I'd rather it not happen to me... EVER! (Although I am aware I may not be so lucky.) And lastly I just want to prove to myself that I can pack all the things I need and want into one little suitcase (I fully intend on using those air tight shrink baggie things to make sure I accomplish my large feat). So here are the items I intend on bringing with me, plus work out clothes which I didn't add due to lack of intrest. All of these items work well together and I think it is safe to say I won't go a day without having something fun to wear. For the most part these are pretty basic items, that will allow me to make many different combinations. Which I think is key in packing for a long trip. Also pack things that you KNOW will look good on you. The worst thing is packing something that you think will look cute, putting it on when you get there, and hating it and never wearing it! Another tip for packing; dont waste space. Fold your clothes neatly and make sure to pack the bigger items first and smaller last. The exception being shoes. I find that if I put them in last I can squeeze them in at the end. I hope this helps! It sure helped me. Thanks for reading!!!


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