Weekend Wear

 Shirt: Forever 21, Pants: TJ Maxx, Necklace: Charming Charlie

 Shorts, Earrings, Shoes: Old Navy, Necklace, Shirt and Hat: Target

Outfit: Target, Earrings: Charming Charlie

Chloe Girl! Isn't she so pretty!

Over the weekend The Hubs and I chaperoned (I would call it baby sitting but the girl is 10 and the boy is 16) two kids. I think we were mostly there to make sure everything went smoothly and to dog sit. It was a fun weekend, but I didn't have internet (with the exception of the 10 minute breaks I would take to check on our house and obviously get my fill of Instagram) If you follow me on IG (@price4love) you would have see that Chloe, The Hubs and I had a very full and fun weekend. (I know it sounds like I'm leaving the kids out of our weekend, but they had their own things to do and play.) Anyway the point is that, I now have internet and can post my outfits I wore over the weekend. By the way I hope you all had a great weekend! They never last long enough if you ask me! Happy Monday, It's almost over!


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  1. OH my Baby! I totally agree, she is so pretty! I love walking her, she is my most fashionable accessory EVER!