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found at Tj Maxx

So I figured out my problem (well one of many at least) and it is this: I flat out LOVE fashion. I love it. I don't know how else to explain it other than the giddy feeling you would get when you were a child on Christmas morning. You know, the excitement, the joy and the rush of all the possibilities. That’s exactly how I feel towards fashion. I love seeing all these fashion blogs with new outfit ideas. I love opening my e-mail to see that Madewell, Anthropologie or TJ Maxx etc. has e-mailed me some of their latest and greatest. (Which is a great way to stay in touch with your favorite stores, so you know exactly what they have and when they have it. Also great for when things go on sale!) I love the potential of putting great clothing pieces together and making an AMAZING outfit. That to me is just plane enjoyment! And come on, after seeing the photos above aren't you a little more inspired, and doesn't that make you excited!? Some may say I'm obsessed but that’s ok with me I'll take that.

Ok let me just talk a little about a few of these items. The knit cover-up pants are super hot (as in amazing) for pool/beach days. It is a sophisticated way to stay cool and still look chic while in your bathing suit. It's also very European, which they have had this poolside attire figured out for a while now-jewelry, high heel wedge, sassy cover-ups and hats to match. 

Print shorts/pants are still a big hit. They bring so much spunk to an outfit. You can do a mix and match print by adding a print top or keep your top neutral. Although I love these vertical stripe pants I personally could not pull them off. Some print pants where not made for the masses, but that’s ok, while one print may not work for you another will look perfect! One huge thing to keep in mind while shopping for print pants is the fit or cut. It makes a huge difference if they are tailored or loose fitting etc.

Color full accessories make an outfit really shine. I have talked about accessories before but seriously they finish off the good outfit and make it great!


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