Sweaters in Summer

Outfit from Target!

Sometimes, when you live in Houston- in the dead of Summer, you wear a sweater. It's for fun! Ha ha ok I know this sounds silly but sweaters are totally in for the summer. Especially these knit cord sweaters. Now I know it is flippin' hot outside- why would you want to wear a sweater? But guys, it breaths so well and if it's an oversized one like this, you aren't trapping in all the heat. Now to complete the sweater look just pair it with shorts and some sandals. I personally love the metallic sandals you see all over. I really want some, big time! I think they would complete the sweater/short outfit perfectly.  But for now I just went with my sandals from Target which I love. It still gives the outfit the same laid back feeling. Which the sweater/ short combo just makes me feel like I need to be at the beach. Gap has been the leader, in my opinion, in showing off this trend, so check them out by clicking here. Or you can also check out Loft and Ann Taylor. They have a cute selection of cable knit sweaters as well. I am sure you could find these types of sweaters at any department store, but these three is where I would start! 


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