Gone Camping

Shirt: J. Crew, Shoes: Payless, Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory (simular)

This past week I went to a young women's girls camp, but before I left I decided I needed to make things a little interesting. As I was preparing my sack lunch for the day of, I sliced into an avocado to get the seed out. It was a stubborn seed, so I gabbed it with my knife, missed the seed and stabbed my hand instead. Ha ha thinking about it now I just have to laugh. That is about how silly I get! Anyways my hand is fine, I didn't need stitches and I made it through the week of girls camp just fine. GC was a blast, we were hot and sweaty all week but there was a lake near by that we went canoeing in and a pool up the hill from our camp sight. I stuffed myself with junk food the whole time thinking I would sweat it out anyway! Ha ha I have a lot of great pictures of us,  un-showered, sweaty, no makeup girls that just make me smile. Good memories!


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  1. Ok, I am stealing this outfit! I got a white dress in Hawaii, that needed color! Thanks!