A Great Chill!

This is what happens when we try to take picturs when it's already dark out. I can't stay still and the pictures come out fuzzy.

                 Scarf & Earrings: Target, Leather Jacket: Marshall's, Shirt: TJ Maxx, Boots: H&M

Yesterday was the first great and true fall chill. We actually got down to 35 degrees, which I don't think has happened since we lived here. It was great but man my morning run was sure a hard one. I feel like such a baby when it comes to the cold now. I've been pampered by this warm (hot really) Texas weather that the 30's seem too cold. Which I know that's freezing, but I lived in Idaho for 4 years. I should be able to handel cold weather. Either way the cool weather meant I was finally able to wear my leather jacket without breaking a sweat during the day. I love this jacket because the sleeves have a ribbing sweater material and you can actually bend your elbows when you wear it ha. Oh and I just have to give Target a little shout out, these earrings..... My word they are pretty and fairly priced! Thank you target! 



  1. I know what you mean about the cold weather, I live for spring/summer. I am on the East Coast so I have 4 more months of the Frigid temps (Frigid to me = anything below 60 degrees, I'm a tiny bit dramatic) Your earings are very pretty, Great Find! Your entire outfit looks great, from ALL my favorite stores.


    1. Jamie! oh man I can't believe how big a baby I have become to the cold weather. Oh well it makes it nice to layer. Thank you I was very excited about these earrings. And these are definitely my "go to" stores!

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