Holiday Gifting- On A Budget

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So, if your like me shopping for Christmas presents is nothing short of a task. Especially when you are shopping on a budget. I want to get the cutest, most fun items but I also don't want to break the bank. So instead of going to department stores I looked online at three of my favorite online boutiques; Brickyard Buffalo, GroopDealz and Jane. These three sites always have the cutest clothing, fun toys and up to date home decor plus way more. All three sites highlight other boutiques and sell their stuff at discounted prices. Its amazing! I look at all three sites at least once a day just to make sure I didn't miss out on any deals. So of course for gifting on a budget I looked there first. everything you see (excluding the garment bag and hand painted wood dolls-more on that in a bit) is $15 and UNDER. Like I said pretty dang amazing.
Ok let me just say these wooden peg dolls are so stinking cute! They are hand painted and you have an option of these action figures or any Disney princess your little one desires. Just please head on over to Brickyard Buffalo to check them out. I promise you won't be disappointed.
Also, a friend of mine started a shop making headbands, hats and leggings for little ones. She also makes headbands for adults and they are all so adorable. Super great price and she is always coming up with new designs. Check her shop out at Notes and Knots
The last thing I wanted to share is, while you are christmas shopping- whatever it be for- make sure to check sales and discounts the store has going on. I like to stop by Chippmunk.com to check out the best deals. They post the best discounts and then allow you to search discounts on things you are shopping for. You just say what you want to shop for, i.e; clothing, furniture toys... fill in your price range and then it will pull up all the discounts out there. It's a pretty nifty tool and I love it!
Just as a little reminder, through all your gift shopping, that this season is not about whats under the tree, but who is there sharing the memories with you. And ultimately to celebrate the birth of Christ and all He has done for us. I love the Christmas season, not for the presents but for the reminder that He lived and still lives for us. Merry Christmas all!


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