A Bright Fall

So apparently when I think of bright colors for Fall my mind immediately turns to hues of pink, that and the simple fact that the color pink is very prominante in my closet. Fall is such a gorgeous time of year. The cool brisk weather, the Earth beginning to change and rest for a season and the leaves turning color as a last salute to Summer. So why is it that as soon as the weather turns we (and when I say we what I really mean is department stores and consumers as a whole) decide that black, brown and grey are the seasons uniform. Don't get me wrong I love wearing neutral colors as much as the next person, but vibrant colors are so much more exciting, and fun. Not to mention happy, and isn't this the happiest time of year? So here is my challenge, when you find your self reaching for any neutral colors make a point to also grab a fun color. Layer, mix and match prints and colors and just have fun with it!


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