Winter Wonderland

We wished for snow, and snow we received! It snowed 12" on Christmas Eve and another 12 over the weekend. We decided to take full advantage of it and go sledding up at the Sand Dunes on Saturday.

I love how my husband turned into a mountain man when we got to Idaho. I don't think he has ever gone this long without shaving. But to tell you the truth I really like it. I think it brings out his eyes even more. ( He will kill me for giving him this much attention on my blog but I just cant help it, he's just so dang CUTE!)
It continued to snow while we were sledding and his eye lashed kept catching snowflakes. I love this man!

We all had a lot of fun sledding but the best was watching the kiddos enjoy it. E loved it until the very end when he decided he had enough. He kept saying, "Lets go! I'm freez'n! " Aren't these kids gorgeous?!

Snow fight. Braden got attacked and he pretty much hated it. I think I would too, but it was funny to watch. Sorry B

I love watching my husband play with our niece and nephew. he really is amazing and they love him to pieces.

Picture from Levi Price. The whole crew.

After sledding we worked up a pretty big appetite. We found this place in Ririe, ID that serves 32" pizzas. So naturally we ordered 2. And between the 12 of us we at all of it. They were super good pizzas, all hand tossed and brick oven cooked.

Hungry crew!
Caught the waiter bringing out our second pizza. I kid you not these things were massive. If you are ever in Rexburg or anywhere close to Ririe, ID make the trip to Stop Light Pizza. I promise you won't be disappointed.

We have loved spending this much time with family. It's really sad to see it coming to a close.


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  1. I love all these pictures! It's so beautiful!! There is SO much snow! So happy you get to be there! And that pizza?! Oh my gosh we need to make some when you get home! That looks so good! Miss you!