Pom-Pom Beanie Tutorial

I am sure you have seen these super cute pom-pom beanies everywhere. I actually fell in love with them when I saw it on Mindy Mae's Market  Instagram page (and if you haven't checked this store out, you are seriously missing out my friends!) and since then I have been looking for one. When I was on my search, I had this sweet thought to just make one. Ok, not make the beanie, because I am not that cool, but just to make the pom-pom to go on top of the beanie. All it takes is beanie that you want to update, or if you are like me you can go to Target and get a couple new ones. Seriously the easiest thing you will ever do! Scroll through the picture for the tutorial.

The hats were on sale at Target (because apparently the day after New Year in Houston all winter wear is no longer needed.) So, great find at Target, and the stiff yarn is from JoAnn's.

I Just wrapped the yarn around three fingers and.....
BOOM a pom-pom was made. Ha just kidding.

So, like I was saying wrap the yarn around 2-4 fingers (depending on how fluffy you want it)

The more you wrap it around the bigger the pom-pom will be. I ended up using the whole package of yarn with the exception of about 10 inches of yarn.

Cut off about a 10 inch string of yarn and thread it through the wrapped yarn. (the two pieces of yarn is my 10 inch piece) tie and double knot. Then tie the other side using the same string and then tie it all together so nothing comes loose when you start cutting.

Should look something like this once all your ties are made.

Start cutting each loop. Once it is cut fluff your pom-pom to make it more round and to hide the ties. You will then trim the strings to make them all the same length.

Once you have your pom-pom to the desired size, knot a piece of yarn to the center tie and thread onto a needle.

Pull through the top of the beanie and sew to secure it.

After you have tied it off then BOOM you have a pom-pom beanie. Seriously so easy. The hardest part of this project was threading yarn on to my needle. And in retrospect I probably could have just used thread, but live and learn.

Now I have a super cute pom-pom beanie and I love it!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that is wasn't too confusing. Now go make a pom-pom beanie!


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