Trying New Things

While we were up in Idaho we decided to take a snowboarding trip up to Targee. For me this would be the very first time to snowboard. I was nervous but really excited. I have always wanted to try. After one run on the bunny hill, mostly going down on my butt and really struggling to get back up to standing position, my sweet husband said I was ready to go down the lift. I'm glad he believes in me so much but I was pretty upset. I went down the bunny hill once. And that was the first time I have ever even been strapped to a board. It was frightening. I just remember thinking the whole way up the lift, " Just down fly off the mountain." Well I didn't fly off the mountain but I did biff it EVERY time off the chair lift. Talk about embarrassing. The guy running the lift was so nice though. He kept telling me to "put all your weight on the leg that's strapped in, and just go!" Ha, easy for you to say. Actually the saying, "JUST GO!" was the theme for the day, which left me thinking that I must be making this much harder than it is. My husband and brother in law helped by explaining the boards edges and after holding their hand down the mountain (either heel side or toe side.) I felt comfortable enough to do it by myself a few times. ( but not for very long) I scorpioned once down the hill, cried once out of frustration, fell about half a million times, came away with one pretty awesome bruise and was more sore than I think I have ever been in my life, but I had a ton of fun.  And I am actually really looking forward to doing it again (hopefully next year)
And although I got hurt and cried, I learned that I love trying new things, and that when you fall and fail you can get back up and try again. Maybe you won't be perfect right away, but you can do it. This is my motto for the year. I won't be afraid of the bumps and bruises, I'll try new things, get pushed down but I will ALWAYS get back up. Happy New Year! Hope it's a great on so far!

My mother in law was really cute about taking pictures of my first time. I look more goofy than anything, but I'm glad it's documented.


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  1. I haven't gone in 5 years and I bet I have forgotten how to. I don't even think I could get off the lift anymore. The prices will always get you to try new things they are good like that