White After Labor Day

Shirt: Loft, Shoes: Just Fab, Dress: Target (similar here) Necklace: gifted

There was a rule once, sometime ago, that you couldn't COULD NOT wear white after Labor Day. I for one am very glad that it is no longer a hard and fast rule. I actually do remember my mom telling me when I was younger that I couldn't wear white pants because it was after Labor Day. Oh, the 80's. Anyways I am doing a two part post on wearing white after Labor Day. This is look one. 

I love quilted clothing. Take a minute to take a closer look at this shirt and just marvel at it's beauty. I kid you not, I fell in love the moment I saw it. (Short tangent: Loft is the place to be this Fall. They have so many cute fashions and not to mention the leopard print coming out their ears. I'm dying, and wishing my shopping budget was slightly higher.) The fact that this shirt was on sale made it fate. While I am wearing a dress and sandals the quilted fabric makes this outfit look slightly more fall-ish.


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