Dallas Weekend

Last month we took a weekend trip to Dallas. Having lived in the Houston area for over 2.5 years we decided it was about time we explored the cities around us.

 He has the most amazing eyes! As I tried taking a pre-vacation photo he says, "I can't take a picture, I'm trying to drive." Such a safety man. ha ha 
 Sam Houston Statue 
 The cutest bakery in Historic down town Corsicana, Tx.
 "Wide Open Spaces" que Dixie Chicks music.
 Cotton fields as far as the eye can see
 The first thing we did when we got into Dallas was go to the Botanical Gardens. It was beautiful. We love plants and it was so fun to walk around looking at all the different species and dreaming of planting some of these beauties in our yard some day.

 Such a cutie. He took a selfie by this sculpture that he thought was cool.
Look at how pretty these bushes are!
 Little secret bench
 My favorite part of the Gardens was this magical view.

 Then the sun came out and we started to sweat like crazy, so we decided it was time to go.
 Daniel's "pick" was to go to the flight museum next. Since we were there for only two days we tried to fit as much in as possible!

 I have never met anyone in my life that has such a deep interest in anything mechanical. Anything with an engine or motor and my husband is drawn to it like a bear to honey. He just has to study it and learn how it works. It's the cutest. EVER.

 Some seriously amazing and beautiful Mexican food. It was so dang good!

 We had a lot of fun at the Red Bull Air Race. And once again Daniel was in heaven. And even I enjoyed it the whole time. 
On our way home we got caught in a terrible rain storm. Traffic slowed to 20 mph on the interstate and at one point we couldn't see out of the window. 
But after we passed the storm there was a double rainbow. Thank goodness for heavens blessings.


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