General Conference

picture from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

This weekend we had the great opportunity to listen to a prophets voice. The talks that were given were uplifting, inspiring and all around exactly what needed to be heard. I love conference weekend for a lot of reasons but mostly because of the spiritual high you feel when you invite that spirit into your homes and into your lives. I wanted to share a few quote that stuck out to me and penetrated my heart in a special way. If you are interested in hearing the full talks from General Conference go to lds.org 

"God cares about you, He will listen, He will answer your prayers. He wants you to find the way back to Him, and His Son Jesus Christ is that way." - President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“We are not here in this life just to waste our time, grow old, and die. God wants us to grow and achieve our potential.” - Elder Carlos Godoy

"Although I may not be my brother's keeper I am my brother's brother." -Elder Jeffery R. Holland

"Nothing else, no other choice we make, can make of us what He can." -President Thomas S. Monson

"God and Christ are literally a Father and a Son—separate, distinct, individual beings who are wholly unified in Their purpose." -Elder Hales 

"Listen to that still, small voice which speaks to the depths of our souls the Master’s gentle invitation, 'Come, follow me.'"  -President Thomas S. Monson

"On this mortal journey we must never think that our choices affect only us." -Elder Larry A. Kacher

Although all the talks are amazing and wonderfully uplifitng, but some of my favorites were:
Elder Hollands listen here
Elder Lynn G Robbins listen here
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf listen here
Tad R. Callister listen here
Elder Jorg Klebingat listen here 

I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. I am blessed to know that the gospel is truth. I know that God lives and that Jesus Christ is his son. I know that Christ loves me, as He does all of us. I know that he is very aware of me and wants the very best for me. I have seen blessings that were promised to me come to light and felt the Saviors love in times of deepest sorrow. I am so blessed to know that the love the Savior has for me is real and I am so grateful for that. I hope that if any one has question about the church that they seek it out from the source its self. If you have questions about life in general, know that you can take that to our Heavenly Father and that he will answer those prayers. I have personal experiences of direct answers to prayer and know that God hears me and knows exactly what I need.  I'm so grateful for this knowledge in my file.


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