The Big 5.0.

So if y'all are as lucky as me you have a daddy that is the most amazing dad in the entire world! Today is his 50th birthday. I honestly can not express what I would do with out that man. He is the person I go to for great advice. He taught me how to work hard, fight for what is right and never give up on you. I learned to love the outdoors, how to follow along with sports, and to just live by watching his example. I always felt a little more safe when daddy was home. And although all my friends (and the boys) were afraid of him, he was (and still is) the biggest teddy bear you will ever meet. He doesn't take any smack from anyone but he loves so deeply and protects those he loves. He has the best sense of humor and his voice is like silk. I learned to love singing because of him. Happy 50th birthday! I've been so blessed to call you Daddy.

 Dad and I shortly after I was born

 Dad, my sister and I

He was my first love and my all time hero.

What man is great without a great woman? My Handsome dad with my beautiful mom.

 I got to go to work with him one day and that has been my all time favorite memory with him. I remember he let me work on the trucks with his mechanic and it was so much fun!
I had such a great day that day, I remember writing this on the back of the picture when I got home.

 He has always lived life to the fullest. I love his sense of adventure and wanderlust.

 My mom and dad went on a service trip to Guatemala, which is just one way they are constantly giving service. The little boy in the picture above drew this picture with him. I have never met anyone that is so well like everywhere they go as my dad is. He is such a people person and knows how to put a smile on anyones face.
 The biggest teddy bear you'll ever meet. I have only seen my dad cry 4 times in my life, but he has the most tender heart around.

Happy birthday Dad, i love you so much!


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